How can a Data Center Help to Boost Your Business?

Data Centers are the heart of every organization. A Data Center is responsible for organizing and managing all information. You surely require to have a Data Center, no matter what type of business you run. Do you know how a data center marketing strategy can boost your business?

Data Centers keep a track of all potential customers. They keep track of all visitors to your website, store, and social media profiles. They can then compile a list of potential customers for your business. All this information gets used to create a customized marketing strategy for your business.

Data Center Colocation Hosting India  

DataCenter acquires a lot of space and a good share of resources within any organization. However, they are unavoidable because of their significant role in the business operation and growth. Furthermore, it requires it to be efficient and secure since it is the core of the business. Multiple small and medium-scale enterprises do not have the resources to maintain their data centers on their own. Here Data Center Colocation comes to their rescue. 

Data Center Colocation is simply like making security well-enhanced for businesses while storing all crucial data. It is a building or a space well equipped with the needed resources for running data centers like cooling systems, security, bandwidth etc. It is operational 24/7 in a hassle-free manner and assures your customers get the best facilitation. A reliable data center is a cost-effective and secure solution for all your data handling. It makes your data center marketing strategy easy to manage, safe, secure, reliable and budget-friendly. 

Boost the growth of your business with data center’s effective operation. Moreover, Data Center Colocation also makes it easy to relocate your business or even make it virtual without any inconvenience and impact on business expansion. In a nutshell, Data Centers are necessary for every organization in spite of whether they are in-house or get outsourced. They play an important role in the smooth operation, enhancement, and growth of your business. 

Benefits of Data Center Colocation 

Some of the benefits of Colocation Services involve: 

Cost: Colocation is an affordable and better option in comparison to the other data center alternatives and the costs are pre-determined in the provider’s contract. 

Control: Colocation provides infrastructure setup and maintenance, involving cooling, power and interconnections between resources and are completely managed and controlled through the service provider. 

Scalability: A colocation service provider acquires plenty of space to boost resources within a specific data center assuring scalable solutions. 

Reliability: Colocation Data Center provides redundancy and disaster recovery, bandwidth connections through multiple service providers, and uninterrupted power supply along with backup power generators. 

Security: Since the colocation providers maintain the equipment for multiple organizations, they provide multiple layers of security to protect customer’s infrastructure. 

What to take into consideration in a Colocation Data Center? 

Location and Security 

The facility must be convenient for businesses to access however in a location that is relatively safe from natural disasters. It must have strong physical security, involving access controls and protections against brute force attacks. There must also be robust logical security for meeting business and regulatory needs. 

Space, power and Cooling 

Does the colocation facility acquire enough space for meeting anticipated capacity needs? How rapidly does it fill up? Is there enough power for supporting growing rack densities? What about power distribution? Does the facility acquire adequate cooling capacity, and is it energy efficient? 


Organizations must look at the facility’s maintenance and planned downtime processes and service level agreements. 

Colocation Data Center Services includes: 

Managed Colocation Services 

The best Data Center manages all your entire hardware, software, as well as applications in our colocation as if they were in your own facility. As one of the topmost colocation hosting providers, we maintain physical space and environment, so that you can keep focus on your present businesses in a hassle-free manner. 

Customization Options Available 

The most suitable data center service provider follows a transparent billing system without any hidden charges. Based on client needs, we customize colocation data center space options in full rack colocation or half rack colocation or private suites. As per the selected option, we calculate bill amount and provide colocation data center services to the customers. 

Tier 3 Data Center Security 

Kennies Data Center hosts servers as leading colocation hosting providers India with tier 3 data center that is fault tolerant and highly secure. All our Tier 3 Colocation Data Center operate under high standards representing inbuilt antivirus, encryption softwares ensuring physical bullet proof security for all servers, storage, and networking equipment. 

Maximum Uptime 

Colocation Hosting India boards an industry leading track record of 99.995% server uptime. Our data centers are equipped with  UPS Power backup systems and N+1 redundancy, with proven uptime record without any downtime while selecting our managed data center colocation services India. 


Within the digital era, wherein data reigns supreme and connectivity is vital, Kennies Data Center stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. The right organization like Kennies will provide a customized solution for the best Colocation Hosting India. The best fit assures that you get unwavering support, reliability, scalability, flexibility and security on priority. Along with keeping in mind the major factor that the clients requirement is fulfilled. If you desire to accelerate your business growth then make an investment of getting the best Data Center solutions. Boost your business in a new era of Colocation Hosting India

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