How Dedicated Servers Become Preferred Choice for Businesses?

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As the digital landscape is evolving swiftly, around two hundred million websites are active over the Internet. However, operating a successful online business is not solely limited to having a website. It’s about ensuring your website or application performs effectively, offering an excellent user experience to each visitor round-the-clock. There is no doubt in saying that each business needs its own website. But when you are starting a business site, it’s not just about the content and design. Before you get to any of that, you will need to know how to host your website and data. Dedicated server hosting is a secure and customizable hosting option for several sites. 

This is the reason why it has become the first choice of businesses. As a result, when you are ready to officially launch your company’s website, you must consider which type of hosting would be best for your business needs. The two main categories of hosting are shared hosting and dedicated server hosting, and which is perfect for your business depends on your requirements and the site you are managing. In today’s digital arena, a fast and reliable website is essential for businesses to remain competitive and succeed. 

Today’s users have increasingly high expectations when it comes to website performance, expecting instant loading times and uninterrupted access. Fortunately, one effective way to gain optimal speed and uptime for your website is by leveraging the right dedicated server hosting plan. Today, in this blog post, you are going to learn how dedicated servers in India have become the preferred choice for modern businesses. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Understand Dedicated Servers and How Do They Work

Suppose you are planning to launch a new website. One of the first things you will need to do is decide on the right hosting solution for your business’s operational needs. However, there are site owners who believe in opting for shared hosting as they have less traffic. But once your website experiences a sudden rise in traffic, it’s crucial to upgrade and go for dedicated server hosting. 

A dedicated server is a physical server assigned to an individual or single organization.

Dedicated servers offer better control and flexibility over the hosting environment and can upgrade security and performance. Dedicated servers are generally expensive compared to shared hosting, but they provide a more robust and reliable hosting environment. 

If you want to host or run your applications and websites so that users can access your services, you need servers. The hosting provider manages and maintains the physical server resources and assigns them to different customers. Depending on the type of hosting solution you choose, you may have to share all of the control over how your organization uses the physical server’s resources.

Thus, in simple words, you can say dedicated servers are the backbone of several online operations. These powerful servers play an essential role in ensuring the seamless functioning of websites, applications, and other online services. A dedicated server often sits in the hosting provider’s data center. It is connected to the internet through the host’s mighty network infrastructure. It gets the power from the hosting provider’s power lines backed up by the generators. 

Key factors when businesses should consider dedicated server hosting

If you are noticing a sudden growth in your digital journey, it’s not easy to decide when to switch to a dedicated server. However, there are users for whom shared or VPS hosting is sufficient during their early stages. But there is a phase when you shouldn’t overlook the significance of dedicated server hosting.

Here are some key factors that indicate you should switch to dedicated server hosting. 

  • Sudden rise in traffic: Have you ever heard that the server has been lost? Or is the server not working properly? Perhaps several times. But have you ever tried to know how exactly it happened? It happens just because of a high load or traffic on a particular server. This is where one of the most noticeable signs is a substantial increase in website traffic. Shared hosting can handle traffic within a certain limit, but as your site grows in popularity on search engines, you may start to notice slowed load times and less reliable service. Thus, if you are experiencing any of such indicators, this is the right time to switch to a dedicated server.  
  • Require Customization: Are you finding yourself restricting your current hosting solution’s software or hardware limitations? If so,  a dedicated server is the perfect choice for you. With complete control over the server environment, you can install your preferred operating system and software applications and make adjustments to server settings as per your specific needs. 
  • Security Issues: It’s quite crucial to value your data when your business continues to grow. Organizations that manage sensitive customer data like credit card numbers or personal information, or those subject to strict compliance regulations, primarily require the enhanced security measures that a dedicated server can offer. 
  • Performance Demands: If your website or an application is resource intensive, chances are you are hosting large multimedia files, running complex applications, or managing a strong eCommerce platform. In such a case, you might need a dedicated server that ensures a smooth and streamlined operation. 
  • Growth Plans: You may want to consider making the proactive move to a dedicated server if you anticipate significant development in your business in the near future. This might include an increase in web traffic, the requirement to host more apps or the expansion of your online store. Its scalability will make your growth transitions more seamless and practical.

Benefits of Dedicated Server in Becoming the Preferred Choice for Businesses

No doubt in saying that dedicated servers provide a wide range of benefits that position them as a first choice for businesses seeking power, control, and reliability from their hosting solution. Here is a list of significant benefits of dedicated servers are as follows: 

  • Enhanced Performance and Reliability: One of the main benefits of having a dedicated server is its exclusivity. You can benefit from better performance and speed since your website or application has exclusive access to all of the server’s resources. Businesses that host multimedia content, such as films and high-resolution photos, or have resource-intensive applications, such as websites with a lot of traffic, can especially benefit from this. Furthermore, you can count on reliable, excellent performance because there are no other users who interfere with your server’s uptime or load times.
  • Complete Control and Customization: With a dedicated server, you have root or admin access, enabling you to customize your server environment to tailor your specific needs. It means you can choose your preferred operating system, install crucial software, configure settings, and adjust server specifications as required. This level of customization is particularly beneficial for organizations with unique server requirements or those that value the ability to adapt and scale quickly.
  • Latest Security and Privacy: A dedicated server is more secure compared to shared hosting options. Since you are not sharing space with other users, you are less likely to be affected by their potentially risky behaviors. Moreover, the right to configure your own security settings, firewalls, malware detection systems, etc, enables you to create a secure environment in order to meet your business security needs. 
  • Scalability: As your business grows, do you require extra resources? Dedicated server hosting provides an excellent scalability option. You can easily upgrade or extend your server’s resources as traffic and demands increase. This ability to scale swiftly and seamlessly is crucial in today’s modern landscape, where businesses need to adapt instantly to maintain their competitive edge. 
  • Technical Support: Dedicated server hosting generally comes with dedicated technical support. Hosting providers offering dedicated hosting services typically have skilled professionals to facilitate you with server-related issues. It ensures prompt troubleshooting, instant resolution of problems, and ongoing server maintenance, enabling you to focus on your core business activities. 


Are you eager to take your business to the next level of digital excellence? There is no better time to consider how a dedicated server in India can revolutionize your online presence. Equip your business with the power, control, and security it deserves. Thus, don’t let shared resources limit your potential. Let’s explore the significance of dedicated servers and unlock a world of endless digital possibilities with Kennies Data Center. 

Here, we provide flexible and scalable dedicated server hosting with lightning-fast response times to ensure the reliability and security of your crucial data.

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