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We understand the significance of emails. So, we designed the most reliable and secure email hosting tailored to your business unique needs. Kennies Ms Exchange Email Hosting is a business email hosting solution which helps you streamline your workflows and communication.

Kennies Ms Exchange email hosting offers scalability, reliability, and security to increase your productivity efficiently. It’s a complete email solution with the bunch of features and tools you need for effective communication and collaborations.

Our ms exchange email hosting offers a comprehensive set of collaboration tools to communicate and collaborate with real time doc, shared calender, inbox reminders etc. You can also integrate ms exchange with third party apps to simply you day to day activities.

Email is the need for every hour  which is why we guarantee maximum uptime to keep your services running smoothly without facing any downtime.This helps you stay ahead of the competition and don’t lose any opportunities.

MS Exchange Server Hosting Plans


2000 Rs /month
  • Processor 2vCPU
  • RAM 2 GB
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 150 IOPs
  • Support 24x7


7000 Rs /month
  • Processor 6vCPU
  • RAM 24 GB
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 150 IOPs
  • Support 24x7


18000 Rs /month
  • Processor 16vCPU
  • RAM 128 GB
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 150 IOPs
  • Support 24x7


25000 Rs /month
  • Processor 32vCPU
  • RAM 150 GB
  • SSD 50 GB
  • 150 IOPs
  • Support 24x7

Technical Capability of MS Exchange Email Hosting

Custom Email Addresses

With kennies ms exchange you can custom domain address, flaunting your professionalism and dedication towards your business. This makes it easier for people to recognize you at first look with your domain name.

Scalable Storage

Our ms exchange email hosting helps you adjust your storage as per your demands. It allows to scale up or down your storage according to your changing business needs.

Collaborave Tools

We provide you a suite of inclusive tools to foster effective collaborations and productivity among teammates. It enables you to work on the same project with your team including real time doc sharing, shared calenders, shared inboxes and many more.

Robust Security

Kennies ms exchange email hosting email use the top- notch security measures to prevent your data going in wrong hands. This includes malware filtering, data loss prevention, and continuous monitoring.

Active Sync

Kennies offer you Active Sync functionality, ensuring that any updates you make automatically reflect on multiple synced devices. This eliminates the need for manual actions, saving your time and boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Data Encryption

Kennies ms exchange provides peace of mind by safeguarding your data, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. We encrypt all your critical data into an unreadable form to prevent it from unauthorized access or cyberattacks.

Why Choose Kennies Ms Exchange

Kennies MS Exchange offers scalable and reliable email hosting to satisfy the diverse needs of businesses for all sizes. Moreover it provides the most secure platform to improve business communications and collaborations.

  • Simplified Management – We help you focus on the other things which are more important, leaving your server setup, and maintenance on us. 
  • Affordable Sloution – We help you reduce your IT costs by eliminating the need to invest on physical devices and reducing the cost of Microsoft additional tools like excel, word etc allowing you to pay only for what you use.

Features Of Using Kennies Ms Exchange

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