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Our data centers are equipped with all the essential equipments like servers, storage devices, networking equipment, cooling systems, & power infrastructure.

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Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida stands at the forefront of innovation and reliability. We are located strategically to offer the bustling data center services to all types of businesses in the nation. Our facility assures cutting-edge infrastructure created to meet the evolving requirements of businesses in the digital age. 

Kennies maximizes uptime to increase business efficiency. Our data center protects your important data with biometric access controls. While assuring businesses of all types with 24/7/365 surveillance. So, grab this golden opportunity of getting your business secured through our data center services. 

Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad Near Noida has backup power, network connectivity and superior cooling to keep operations running during unexpected issues. Apart from reliability, our data center provides unrivaled connectivity options, impeccably linking businesses to global networks and cloud services. 

Kennies Data Center Ghaziabad in Noida helps organizations prosper in today’s fast-paced digital world with lightning-fast data access. Besides strong infrastructure and network connectivity, our data center is operated by experts who provide excellent services. We assist organizations with 24/7 professional tech support and tailored solutions.

Benefits of Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad

Easy Accessibility: Being located in Ghaziabad and within the reach of Noida’s thriving tech ecosystem, our Ghaziabad Data Center assures easy access to businesses of all sizes. The strategic location assures seamless collaboration and partnerships with tech companies. 

Boosted Connectivity : Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida provides a diverse range of connectivity options, involving access to major internet exchanges. These connectivity choices enable businesses to customize their network infrastructure. 

Security Measures: Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida consists of security measures, along with biometric access controls, video surveillance, and round-the-clock security personnel. The robust security protocols safeguard sensitive data through unauthorized access. 

Reliable Power Infrastructure: Our Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida is supported by robust power infrastructure, involving redundant power feeds, backup generators, & uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.With reliability & uninterrupted electricity for firms to run smoothly. 

Scalable Infrastructure Solutions: Our Data Center in Ghaziabad provides scalable infrastructure solutions customized to meet the evolving requirements of businesses. Scalable Infrastructure solutions enable businesses to adapt to dynamic market conditions. 

Technical Support: Our team of experienced technical professionals provides round-the-clock support and assistance. Our experts are available to ensure smooth operations and rapid resolution of technical challenges. Enhancing the productivity and performance of businesses.

Technical Specifications Of Our Data Center In Ghaziabad

Robust Security

Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida has seven zones secured, with round-the-clock security officers and armed guards, CCTV and recorders, card systems, motion detection, biometric readers, control systems, and water leak detection.

Power Redundancy

Kennies Data Center acquires dual power feeds with N+1 redundancy to ensure continuous operation. This specification assures continuous business operations even during power feed failure, minimizing downtime and operations online. 

Cooling Efficiency

Kennies Data Center has a cooling efficiency with variable speed CRAC units for precise temperature control. We enhance airflow management, lowers hot spots, and boosts cooling efficiency, while maintaining an ideal environment temperature. 


Kennies Data Center is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, and AICPA SOC certified. These are our quality, environment, information security, and internal regulations management systems. 

Telecommunication Infrastructure

Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida has all types of telecoms available. You can get it customized as per your business requirements. From Tata Communications to reliable communications, and Bharti Airtel to many more, we provide them all. 

Fire & Water Safety

Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida assures monitored alarm, smoke, and fire detection systems through VESDA, Fire detection VESDA, 3D Sensors, and Fire Rating 2 Hours, Fire Suppression FM200, Fire Alarm System, and Smoke Detectors.

Features of Kennies Data Center Ghaziabad

What Our Client Says?

I have been running an e-commerce business for a decade. And, I wanted a reliable data center service provider. So, I thought of shaking hands with Kennies Data Center in Ghaziabad near Noida. And, trust me, I have never been this happy and satisfied just because of a reliable data center service provider.

Harish Tyagi

Being in a metropolitan City, I have been searching for a relevant Data Center Service Provider. And, to my surprise, I landed over Kennies Data Center Ghaziabad near Noida. Since they assure reliable and secured data center services.

Rudra Sharma

Since a long time, I have been searching out for a suitable data center service provider. Also, I wanted to get the data center services customized and guess what, Kennies Data Center personalized all the services according to my business requirement. I am highly satisfied and would recommend everyone to connect with them for the best data center services.

Aniket Sharma
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