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Dedicated Hosting offers better security and higher uptime for your website. It impacts page loading times. Opt for a quick dedicated server, secured, managed, and has the best software tools. Tools that are necessary for the growth of your business. When you think about renting a dedicated server in India. There are a lot of options that you would come across. Hence, it is necessary to analyze the dedicated server. for various aspects to make a suitable investment.

Kennies offers Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions that suit every business

We design each of our dedicated servers. And our team of experts assembles servers on the site. Each server uses new, next-gen parts. You can customize them to meet your business needs. When you choose our professionals, you get the best Dedicated Server in India. 

Our Dedicated Servers in India are lightning-fast and provide smooth speed and services. With 100% NVME storage and 99.995% SLA, our Dedicated Servers are reliable and secure. Additionally, we have a dedicated tech management team. They are ready to help with any customization beyond our standard setup. We are here to meet your needs. We offer SSD Storage, DDoS protection, and other special features. 

With Kennies, you get an integrated, powerful, scalable Dedicated Server India solution. You can use it to set up secure firewall rules. You can also configure VPN connections and provision servers. You can use it to set up public and private networks. We promise peak performance and maximum uptime for your critical servers. We have a quick response time.

Why Kennies Dedicated Server India is the best option?

Kennies provides enterprise-grade hardware and custom-built Dedicated Servers to assure performance and reliability. Our dedicated Hosting comes with exclusive features. You would gain the ability to connect to networks at up to 20Gbps N1 speeds. Kennies is one of the best bandwidth providers in India to assist you with the networks. This would ensure the best performance. We also ensure businesses have 100% network uptime. You can rest assured that your server is always accessible. 

We provide managed services. They reduce business downtime and time spent on tech support. Examples include proactive Dedicated Server monitoring. They also include management of hardware and software. They include a complete hardware and software solution for businesses. 

We offer dedicated Server Plan. They come with a huge selection of dedicated IP addresses. Unique subnets assign these IPs. Our team can provide thousands of IP addresses. You get access to the network whenever you need it, through the control panel. 

Every setup is different. So, we offer Linux, Windows Server, and a custom OS of your choice. We also provide custom operating systems installed through our experienced technicians. As a part of our commitment to assist enterprise-grade dedicated Hosting Hardware. We assure to deliver the highest quality of support at the best possible price. 

Better Security: The foremost benefit of a dedicated server is its security. You must pick a dedicated server. Do this if you handle sensitive client and financial data. You want to keep a server private from others to store that information. 

Website visitors are impatient. They would leave and never return if your site loads. E-commerce websites may experience shopping cart abandonment. The website loads faster when hosted on a dedicated server. This is true for elements like text, photos, and videos. Your website experiences higher uptime, and your brand goodwill increases. 

The number of server cores and threads determines the Processor’s Power. They decide the hosting speed. Choose them after checking the requirements of your website. 

You need more bandwidth. This is if your site often has high traffic and you stream large multimedia files. Some hosting providers guarantee unlimited bandwidth. 

Adding more memory or RAM to your dedicated server. It enables it to serve data to your customers at a high speed.

 Windows and Linux are two operating systems for your dedicated server. Linux is much more cost-effective than Windows, and around 90% of servers globally run on Linux. 

Dedicated Server Hosting- Effective Performance for your Website

Kennies’s dedicated server hosting is one of the best in the industry. Websites enjoy private servers. This is because all the resources are for single use only. We aim to assemble bare metals with great care. That’s why you experience the performance. It’s as much as twice that of an ordinary server. Get hosted over an austere data center. It has robust security, all in affordable bundles. 

Dedicated Rental Servers fortify unparalleled performance, reliability, and security. Dedicated Servers provide exclusive access to resources, assuring consistent performance and reliability. This level of resource isolation and customization makes dedicated servers better. They are for businesses and organizations with demanding workloads and strong security needs. Besides, dedicated servers are scalable and flexible. They allow for seamless growth and customization to meet changing business needs. While making them a versatile and adaptable solution for many applications and industries. 

Indian Dedicated Server Rental Hosting Plans


8499 /month
  • Processor Intel E3-1240 V2
  • CPU 4 cores / 8 threads @ 3.40 GHz
  • Storage 480GB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7


10499 /month
  • Processor Intel E5-2680
  • CPU 8 cores / 16 threads @ 2.70 GHz
  • RAM 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage 480GB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7


12499 /month
  • Processor Intel 2x E5-2630
  • CPU 12 cores / 24 threads @ 2 GHz
  • RAM 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage 1TB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7


20499 /month
  • Processor Intel 2x E5-2630
  • CPU 16 cores / 32 threads @ 3.40 GHz
  • RAM 128 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage 2TB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7

Characteristics and Operational Functionalities of Dedicated Rental Server

High-Performance Computing

Dedicated Rental Servers provide powerful hardware specifications. Like high-speed processors, ample RAM, and fast-storage drives. Assuring smooth and efficient performance for workloads and applications.

Customization Options

Dedicated Rental Servers allow for extensive customization. Along with operating systems, software configurations, and server settings personalized to specific needs. Along with preferences.


These servers provide scalability options while allowing for impeccable expansion of resources. As required to accommodate growing business demands or fluctuations in traffic.

Boosted Security

Dedicated servers offer enhanced security. It has features like firewalls, encryption, and intrusion detection systems. They protect sensitive data and reduce the risk of cyber threats.

Administrative Access

Users get full administrative access to their dedicated server. They can install, set up, and manage software and server settings. They do this to fit their business's needs.


Kennies Data Center is committed to providing cost-effective solutions customized to your budgetary hindrances without compromising on quality or performance.

Benefits of a Dedicated Rental Server

Dedicated Servers are reliable and have high uptime. You have dedicated resources for your use. While minimizing downtime and assuring consistent performance. 

Performance Optimization: With dedicated resources and customization options. Users can boost server performance for their specific workloads and applications. While achieving quicker processing speeds and enhanced efficiency. 

Data Protection: Dedicated Servers offer enhanced security measures. While reducing the risks of security breaches and data loss. While assuring the protection of sensitive information and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Scalability: Dedicated Servers provide scalability options. They let users scale resources up or down. As required to accommodate changing business requirements and growth needs. 

Flexibility: Dedicated servers assure flexibility with customization. And, management, while allowing users to personalize their server configurations. And settings to suit their unique requirements and preferences. 

Cost-Efficient: Dedicated Servers are cost-effective. They provide long-term savings and reduce the need for more hardware and infrastructure. It reduces costs. It also boosts ROI over time. 

Why choose Kennies for a Dedicated Rental Server?

Customization Solutions

Kennies stands out as an exceptional provider of dedicated rental servers. We provide the best services. They are custom-made to meet the diverse needs of businesses and organizations. With a commitment to reliability, performance, and security. Kennies assures that clients get the highest level of service and support.

Security Measures

With advanced security measures, and round-the-clock help. We assure security for businesses of all types and sizes. This makes them the best choice for reliable and cheap hosting.

Tech Support

Kennies tech team can help you whether you are a small business or a huge enterprise. They have the expertise and resources to help you get the most out of dedicated server hosting. And, achieve your business objectives with confidence.

Elevated Bandwidth

Kennies Dedicated Server Rental provides high-speed, redundant network connections. To ensure faster and more reliable data transfer. This includes many gigabits, Ethernet connections, and IPs for optimized network routes.

Top-Tier Infrastructure

Kennies Data Center assures you with enhanced facilities. It uses the most updated hardware and technology. This ensures unmatched reliability, performance, and security for your server.

Regional Redundancy

Kennies Data Center provides geographic redundancy for handling the risks of localized disruptions. While located within Mohali (Punjab) and Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR). We help businesses to boost their profits along with security.

What Our Client Says?

I have been searching for a safe Dedicated Server. To my surprise, I found Kennies. Trust me, I have never looked back. I enjoy their services completely. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Dedicated Server Rental.

Raghav Katuria

While running my high-risk business. I thought of getting the most reliable, efficient, and best-dedicated server rental. So, I got connected with Kennies for the best solution.

Shritima Sharma

At Kennies. You get customized solutions there. They tailor these options to fit your choice, needs, and budget. So, I was someone who wanted to get everything customized. I am very happy with their dedicated rental server which is enhancing my business.

Ruhaan Ahmed

Dedicated Server Rental FAQs

What is a Dedicated Server Rental, and Why would I need one?

A dedicated server is a physical server. A server that is only leased to a single organization or individual. It assists full control and resources for the lessee’s use. You may need one if you have high-traffic websites. Along with resource-intensive applications, or need security and customization options.

Why do businesses need to opt for Dedicated Server Rental?

Ensure to assure your business protection with Dedicated Server Rental. Along with an unmatchable level of service quality, technical expertise, and customized solutions. That enables you to emphasize your business while managing your server.

How does dedicated server rental differ from other hosting options?

Dedicated Server Rental provides complete control over server hardware and software configuration. Dedicated Servers provide better performance, security, and customization. We tailor them to your needs.

What specifications can I get with a dedicated server rental?

Dedicated Servers vary by host and package you choose. You can expect features. They include a specific amount of CPU cores, RAM, storage (HDD or SSD), bandwidth, and choice of OS. Some providers offer customizable options to personalize the server configuration to your requirements.

How is server management handled with dedicated server rental?

Server Management options vary depending on your preferences and expertise. It involves full tech support. The provider handles server monitoring, security updates, and maintenance.

What level of support is available with dedicated server rental?

Support levels can vary among the hosting providers. Managed Dedicated Server Rental includes 24/7/365 technical support. You can get it through many channels, like live chat, phone, a ticket system, or email. Providers offer guidance with initial setup, software installation, troubleshooting, and server optimization.
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