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Kennies Managed Cloud Hosting assures that all the servers are equipped with fully managed and dedicated resources. Even if you need a small server for personal use or a huge server for your agency, our Managed Cloud servers assist you with all the necessary tools. Assured to save time and money with our simple and reliable managed cloud hosting solutions, trusted by multiple agencies, developers, and businesses who demand top-notch performance for their websites. 

Elevate your business & get Managed Cloud Hosting. At Kennies, we offer excellence while providing a range of managed cloud hosting services. Foster over technical challenges, enjoy top-tier security, and experience optimal performance with our managed cloud hosting services. 

Let’s take care of the hosting complexities while you emphasize on what truly matters expanding your business. There has been a great enhancement in the provisioning of computing resources because of the advent of sophisticated technologies like cloud computing. 

In order to appreciate the huge spectrum of benefits that Managed Cloud Hosting Services provide, one must understand the vital features of cloud computing. Our Managed Cloud Hosting solutions are inclusive of different models of computing to promote the use of shared resources that are provided through the internet from smart networks of underlying servers. 

Managed Cloud Hosting Services are assisted with the help of brick-and-mortar data centers. The use of the term “Cloud” is aimed at explaining the usage of internet mediums for allocating infrastructures, software applications, and platforms to users. Managed Cloud Hosting is a reliable and predictable approach to boost computing ability and efficiency of online applications.

Indian Managed Cloud Hosting Plans

Accelerate your business growth with our exclusive Managed Cloud Hosting Plans. That too at a budget-friendly price now.

Technical Specifications of Managed Cloud Hosting


Kennies automatically adjusts resources based on current demands, assuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Distribute incoming traffic around multiple servers to secure any single server through becoming a bottleneck, boosting reliability and performance.


Grab advanced firewalls and DDoS protection while implementing robust security measures to secure against cyber threats. Kennies assure adherence to industry standards and regulations like HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 27001.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure to regularly schedule backups to secure data and assist quick recovery options during data loss or corruption. Effectively use comprehensive strategies to restore operations swiftly during the catastrophic failures. 

Monitoring and Management

Ensure to make optimum utilization of resources. Along with Content Delivery Network Integration. Use of CDNs to provide content quickly while caching it at geographically distributed locations, lowering latency and enhancing load times.

24/7 Tech Support

Ensure to get access to a team of cloud experts available round the clock to assure assistance, troubleshoot issues, and ensure smooth operation. Regular updates and security patches that the provider manages to keep the system up-to-date and secure.

Robust Infrastructure

Deployment architectures designed for maximum uptime, while using redundant systems and failover clusters to lower downtime. Along with various cloud providers and ability to integrate on-premises infrastructure.

Unique Features of Managed Cloud Hosting

Performance Optimization

Kennies assures efficient distribution of workloads around multiple servers to boost performance, prevent bottlenecks, and boost load times, coupled with integration with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) towards delivering content faster to end-users.

Maximum Uptime

Kennies Managed Cloud Hosting assures 99.995% Uptime assurance. Along with utilization of redundant systems and data centers to assure high availability, with failover mechanisms and Service Level Agreements.

Redundant Infrastructure

Effective utilization of redundant systems and data centers to assure high availability, along with failover mechanisms and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that involve uptime assurance, ensuring consistency and reliable access to applications & services.

Network Bandwidth

The quick speed of cloud hosting at Kennies makes it stand out from the other competitors in the wide marketplace. Our Tier 3 Data Center along with cutting-edge technologies and redundant systems enable us to assist an exceptional uptime.

Cost Efficiency

Flexible pricing models that charge based on actual resource usage while allowing businesses to scale costs with their requirements. Tools and features to track and boost spending, assuring cost-effective resource allocation.

Data Backups

Regularly schedule backups to secure data easily with restoration options, and robust disaster recovery solutions. Involving offsite replication and failover mechanisms, assuring immediate recovery and minimal downtime during data loss or failures.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud Hosting is inclusive of unique benefits like: 

  • Highly secured for your business enhancement 
  • Assurance of 99.995% maximum up[time to upgrade your business 
  • Reliable, scalable and trustworthy solutions leading your business growth 
  • Exclusive deals for boosting your business success at a great level

Why choose Kennies Managed Cloud Hosting?

Expert Support

With Kennies Managed Cloud Hosting, you gain access to a team of experienced cloud professionals available round the clock to guide with any issues, assuring your systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

Compliance and Data Encryption

Kennies prioritizes that all your data is secured with robust measures involving firewalls, encryption and regular security audits. They also assist you to stay compliant with industry regulations like GDPR, HIPPA and PCI-DSS, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Impeccable Flexibility

Experience automatic resource scaling to handle traffic spikes effortlessly while ensuring optimal performance. Kennies provides customizable cloud solutions customized to your business requirements assisting flexibility to grow.

High Availability and Reliability

Benefit through a redundant infrastructure designed for maximum uptime, supported through failover mechanisms and SLAs with uptime guarantees. This assures that your applications and services are accessible and reliable at all times.

Enhanced Performance

Kennies boosts your website’s performance through efficient load balancing and integration with Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). This lowers latency and boosts load times, while delivering a superior user experience.

Automated Solutions

Regardless of the competitive marketplace, Kennies provides automated backup solutions and comprehensive disaster recovery plans. Regular backups and offsite replication assure that your data is secure and immediately restored during data loss.

What Our Client Says?

Hi, I am delighted with the incredible cloud hosting services provided by Kennies Data Center. They have not only provided the best cloud solution but also have transformed business operations. They have offered us quick performance, and impeccable reliability. They are not just a service provider but a game-changer for any organization.

Rudra Patel

Choose Kennies Data Center for cloud server services since it is a decision we will never regret. The round-the-clock support, unrivaled uptime, and user-intuitive interfacer have made managing resources a breeze. Kennies has set up a new standard for cloud services truly out of the box. So, you need to come and connect with them for the best cloud hosting services in India.

Mahika Tyagi

Kennies Data Center provides much more than the servers, they deliver peace of mind. The necessary security measures, automatic backups, and efficient resource usage have made us feel secure within the cloud. With Kennies, our whole data is completely protected. Henceforth, you need not worry about anything when you shake hands with us for incredible Cloud Server Services.

Kunal Singh

Kennies data center has reanalyzed the cloud services. The agility and flexibility their servers provide are unbeatable. We have experienced a significant expansion in performance and efficiency, thanks to Kennies for exemplary cloud solutions. We would surely recommend the organization for businesses aiming to rank over topmost on Google.

Rama Krishnan

Managed Cloud Hosting FAQs

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