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Public cloud solutions enable you to deploy and manage your applications with ease. At Kennies, we provide public cloud services that can foster your IT infrastructure, offer robust security, and support your business to thrive. Let’s embark on the public cloud journey and take your digital transformation to the next level.



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The Public Cloud is defined as computing services that third-party providers offer over the public Internet. While making them available to anyone who desires to use or purchase them. They may be free or sold on-demand while allowing customers to pay only per usage for the CPU cycles, storage, or bandwidth they consume. 

The reliability of public cloud has been crucial for multiple organizations as they strive to remain ahead of their competitors. Organizations that achieve successful cloud adoption realize that public cloud isn’t about another data center- its true power lies in its ability to help you become cloud native. 

However as you begin your journey to embrace this modern, cloud native mindset, you may require more than just your support. We can help you to understand how to scale your IT infrastructure, transform your environments, streamline your operating models and operate efficiently in a multi cloud world. 

Acquiring years of experience and extensive cloud expertise, Kennies is the perfect partner to assist you with the best approach to cloud transformation and then help you manage and boost your cloud services.

Indian Public Cloud Hosting Plans

Enhance your business with Public Cloud Hosting Plans. At an affordable price from Kennies Data Center. We assure user-friendly plans for your business.

Technical Specifications of Public Cloud


Cloud Computers need to operate some sort of virtualization technology for multiple of the following features to even be feasible. One major aspect of the dedicated model for web applications is stable, static IP Address. 

API for creation, Deletion, Cloning of Instances

Developers must be able to interact with the cloud computer, to do business with it, without getting on the phone with a sales person, or submitting a help ticket. The customer must be able to truly get on-demand computing when they demand. 

Application Interoperability

Cloud computers are required to support a core set of application frameworks in a consistent manner. Cloud computers must support PHP, Ruby, Python, Java and most common frameworks, libraries, gems and applications for each of these languages.

Network Bandwidth

Kennies Public Cloud ensures high speed bandwidth. Hence, running your business in a safe and secure manner is easy. This is helpful to upgrade your business towards a great height.No matter how hard the competitive marketplace is. 

Maximum Uptime

Kennies Public Cloud provides 99.995% of maximum uptime. So, with the accelerating growing uptime, you need not worry about anything else. You are assured about how to turn your business scalability into a huge aspect. 

24/7 Tech Support

Along with a huge competitive marketplace, it is necessary to get in touch with the best public cloud service provider. Kennies assures 24/7 tech support anywhere, anytime. So, in this manner, you can boost your business at a huge level. 

Public Cloud Functionalities and Performance

Access to New technologies

Organizations that use huge cloud providers get early and instant access to the IT industry’s latest technologies, ranging from automatically updated applications to machine learning and AI.


Cloud capacity and resources rapidly enhance to meet user demands and traffic spikes. Public cloud users also achieve greater redundancy and high availability because of providers’ multiple, logically separated cloud locations. Public cloud assures redundancy.


The flexible and scalable nature of public cloud resources enables users to store high volumes of data and access them easily for computing or retrieval. Multiple organizations rely on the cloud for disaster recovery to backup data and applications.


Organizations must gather useful metrics on the data they store and resources that they use effectively. Doing so represents another benefit: Cloud Data Analytics. Public Cloud Services perform analytics on resource and service usage to determine utilization.

Innovation & Agility

A public cloud provides innovation through rapid deployment. It offers an environment that supports immediate and flexible provisioning of computing resources. Organizations gain agility while providing cloud services like on demand access.


With Kennies data center, remote teams can conveniently access their resources anywhere across the globe with an internet connection. This makes a public cloud a convenient model for teams requiring global access.

Benefits of Public Cloud

  • A reduced requirement for organizations to invest in and maintain their own on-premises IT resources
  • Scalability to immediately meet workload and user demands 
  • Optimum utilization of resources, just because customers only pay for what they use 
  • You get the benefit of an access to new technologies

Why choose Kennies for Public Cloud Services?

Top Tier Infrastructure

With the newest hardware and technology, Kennies Data Center builds upgraded spaces that guarantee your dedicated server will have the best possible performance, security, and dependability.

Customized Solutions

Kennies assists tailor-made solutions helping you to select hardware configurations, operating systems, and software applications that best align with your business needs. Hence, it is helpful for your business to get solutions customized.

Public Bandwidth

Through performance, security, and scalability optimization, we provide you seamless connectivity, public and private bandwidth, and optimal performance from your dedicated server environment.

Network Connectivity

High-speed, redundant network connections are provided by Kennies Dedicated Server to ensure dependable and timely data delivery. This calls for several gigabit or even ten gigabit Ethernet connections in addition to IP addresses for efficient network paths.

Round the Clock Assistance

Our committed support staff is available 24/7 to respond to any queries, worries, or technical difficulties right away. You can effortlessly maintain your public cloud environment with Kennies.

Geographical Redundancy

Kennies Data Center provides geographical redundancy to mitigate the risks of localized interruptions and reassures the business community. The data center locations are strategically placed around several areas.

What Our Client Says?

I have been eagerly searching out for the best Public Cloud Services. And, to my surprise, I came across Kennies and trust me, I have been more glad than ever.

Rudhish Mohan

I have been looking forward to a shift and I came across Kennies. I am super glad with their 24/7 tech support team. I am getting the best public cloud services.

Hitesh Sharma

I have been struggling to find the best service provider. And, Gladly I landed over Kennies. They have been rock supportive in enhancing my business with exceptional Public Cloud Services.

Jaiesh Tyagi

Public Cloud FAQs

What is Public Cloud?

Public Cloud is available to the general public and can get purchased on demand while providing scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency.

What are the benefits of Public Cloud?

Public Cloud offers Cost savings (pay-as-you-go pricing) Scalability (easily adjusts resources to meet demands) Flexibility (access resources and applications from anywhere) High availability Disaster recovery and access to the latest technologies without upfront investment.

How secure is the Public Cloud?

Public Cloud ensures to implement robust security measures. For high risk businesses.

What are the differences between Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud?

Public Cloud services are offered to the public internet. And, is shared among multiple customers. Private cloud is offered to a single organization, assisting greater control and security. Hybrid Cloud merges elements of both while allowing data and applications to get shared between public and private clouds for greater flexibility and optimized infrastructure.

How can I manage costs in the Public Cloud?

For managing costs effectively, utilize tools and services that cloud vendors need to monitor and optimize usage, set budgets and alerts, select the right pricing models and regularly review and rightsize resources.

How can I migrate to the Public Cloud?

Migration to the Public Cloud includes multiple steps: Assess your current IT environment and determine what to migrate Choose the right cloud provider Plan the migration strategy (eg: rehosting, refactoring and rearchitecting) Execute the migration while assuring minimal disruption Test and optimize the migrated applications and services Train staff and implement best practices for cloud operations
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