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Kennies is your reliable business partner for facilitating Windows dedicated server hosting. Our Windows dedicated servers have features like unlimited data transfer and bandwidth. Here, we have superior data protection, dedicated resources, high uptime, and tidal control. Furthermore, we enable you to take your business to the next level.

Are you seeking dedicated server hosting? It is purpose-built for business apps and provides rock-solid performance. Get the best performance, power, and control with our cheap Windows dedicated hosting. It is ideal for app development and large business websites. Kennies uses best-in-class hardware for Windows dedicated servers in India. Each server is custom-built for the resources and Windows OS you select. It meets the highest standards. 

We offer you a powerful, ready-to-deploy dedicated hosting solution for Windows. You can use it with your website or applications. You can configure it as you need without worrying about maintenance and security. We safeguard our dedicated server hosting with the latest IDS/IPS Technologies. We also use DDoS Protection. Get unlimited bandwidth. Also, get 100% uptime assurance, full root access, and free tech support. And it’s all at affordable prices. 

India’s most trusted web hosting provider offers Windows Dedicated Server on priority. Windows Dedicated Server Hosting is purpose-built for business applications. Its resilience, security, and performance are best. They set up strong IT infrastructure for your business to run on the World Wide Web.

We provide you with a hosting solution that is easy to install and configure. Moreover, you don’t need to take stress about maintenance and security. 

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Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Boost your business. You will get exclusive benefits of an Indian Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Plan. Get to know our most affordable Windows dedicated hosting plans. 


8499 /month
  • Processor Intel E3-1240 V2
  • CPU 4 cores / 8 threads @ 3.40 GHz
  • Storage 480GB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7


10499 /month
  • Processor Intel E5-2680
  • CPU 8 cores / 16 threads @ 2.70 GHz
  • RAM 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage 480GB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7


12499 /month
  • Processor Intel 2x E5-2630
  • CPU 12 cores / 24 threads @ 2 GHz
  • RAM 64 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage 1TB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7


20499 /month
  • Processor Intel 2x E5-2630
  • CPU 16 cores / 32 threads @ 3.40 GHz
  • RAM 128 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Storage 2TB SSD
  • Free Setup
  • Support 24x7

Technical Specifications Of Windows Dedicated Server


Our servers have powerful Intel Xeon Processors. They give exceptional performance. They assure smooth operations for your demanding workloads.

Memory (RAM)

Our servers have ample DDR4 RAM options. They assist the required memory for handling intense applications and multitasking with ease.


Storage has lightning-fast options. They use SSD and NVMe drives. These drives provide high-speed data access and ample space. They can accommodate your growing data.

Operating System

 We provide Windows-dedicated servers. They come with the latest Windows Server. This ensures a stable and secure environment for your apps and services. 


Get fast internet with dedicated options. They ensure top performance and low latency for your online activities.


Scalability lets you scale resources on demand. This can accommodate your evolving business needs without downtime or disruption.


Our Windows Dedicated Servers have redundant network connections. They use multi-homed bandwidth providers. This setup assures high availability and great connectivity for your critical applications. 

Security Features

The security features consist of firewall protection, DDoS mitigation, and SSL certificates. They protect your data and apps, providing peace of mind from hackers.

Windows Dedicated Server Functionalities and Performance

Excellent Performance

Our Windows Dedicated Servers have cutting-edge Intel Xeon Processors. They deliver unmatched power and speed. This ensures great performance for your apps and services.

Enhanced Security

Robust security has enterprise-grade features. It consists of powerful firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and frequent security updates. They ensure safeguarding high risk businesses against cyber threats and unlawful access.


Flexibility lets you scale your infrastructure to handle more work. It also lets you adjust to changing business needs. Hence, flexibility is necessary for businesses.


Reliability is the key. We built our servers using top-tier hardware. They have redundant power and network connections. They assure high uptime and reliability. They cut downtime and assure uninterrupted operation for your critical business apps.

Remote Management

Take full control of your server with remote management tools. They include comprehensive monitoring. They let you troubleshoot issues, do updates, and boost performance from anywhere, anytime.

Dedicated Support

Get unrivaled support from our team of experts. They are available 24/7 to help you with setup. They can help with configuring, maintaining, and fixing problems.

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

Performance Optimization: Windows Dedicated Servers offer dedicated resources. They ensure optimal performance for your applications and services. They are not affected by other users’ activities on the server. 

Data Protection: Our servers have strong security. They have extra features and get regular updates. They protect your data and applications from cyberattacks and unwanted access.

Customization and Control: Windows Dedicated Servers give you complete control over your server. You can change the settings, install software, and enable security measures. You can modify them to your specific requirements and interests.

Scalability and Flexibility: Windows Dedicated Servers provide scalable resources. You can upgrade or downgrade the CPU, RAM, and storage as your company expands or changes. This allows your server to adapt to your changing needs. 

What Our Client Says?

I turned to Kennies for our Windows Dedicated Server requirements. It proved to be the best decision. The organization is a game-changer for businesses. The exceptional team support enhances the performance and reliability of our applications.

Mridual Bhakar

I have been with Kennies for years. Their Windows Dedicated Servers have never failed to impress." The scalability options allow us to boost our business. Their proactive security measures have kept our data safe. Thank you kennies for being a reliable and secure partner!

Harendra Sharma

I chose Kennies for our Windows Dedicated Server Hosting. It was one of the best decisions for our business. Their support team is responsive. They have always been there to guide us when we need help. Their uptime gives us peace of mind. It assures us that our clients can always access our applications.

Sohika Mishra

Dedicated Server FAQs

  • What is a Windows Dedicated Server?

    Windows Dedicated Servers are a type of hosting service. One user or organization obtains a full physical server. It operates under Windows. It provides exclusive access to resources such as the CPU, RAM, and storage.

  • What are the advantages of using a Windows dedicated server?

    Benefits include improved performance, increased control, and personalization. Additionally, improved security and scalability to manage increased workloads. In addition, you can install and execute certain Windows applications.

  • How do I manage my Windows Dedicated Server?

    You can manage your server via remote desktop protocol (RDP). Alternatively, you can use a web-based control panel through your hosting provider. This allows you to complete operations such as program installation, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.  

  • Can I upgrade or Downgrade my Windows Dedicated Server Plan?

    Yes, many hosts offer flexible upgrades and downgrades. You can use them to adjust CPU, RAM, and storage to fit your needs. During the upgrade process, we need downtime. 

  • Is Technical Support available for Windows Dedicated Servers?

    Yes, trusted hosts offer 24/7 technical support. They offer it through calls, live chat, ticket system, or email. They use it to guide you with any issues or questions about your Windows Dedicated Server. 

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