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Upgrade control and security with our custom private cloud solutions

Get exceptional control and security with our tailored private cloud solutions to meet your unique business needs. At Kennies, our private cloud services offer dedicated resources, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.

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A Private Cloud is a computing environment that a cloud service provider delivers, and dedicated to a single user. This is also referred to as a single-tenant architecture. Kennies Hosted Private Cloud Services provide all the flexibility, security and reliability you require, with no hassle of managing hardware. 

Ensure to get your own certified infrastructure, maintained 24/7 through our expert teams. A Private Cloud Computing model is when all cloud resources are dedicated to a single user or tenant, providing them unique access, and is also known as a corporate or internal cloud. It provides some- however not all-of the benefits of a typical public cloud set-up, namely shared access to scalable computing resources, workload elasticity, and the automation of key tasks. 

Private Cloud is a single-tenant environment which means only one organization uses the infrastructure and directly controls it. It is one of the three main cloud deployment models- private, public and hybrid. There is also a multi cloud that combines elements of all three. 

A private cloud gets hosted and managed in multiple aspects, involving utilizing resources and infrastructure that are over the on-premises. Utilize separate infrastructure that a third-party organization provides or is solely enabled using virtualization software. 

What is Private Cloud? It is basically a single-tenant environment, meaning the computing resources are specific to each tenant, or user. In other words, specific to the organization or entity using it- as opposed to public cloud wherein resources get shared through multiple users. These dedicated resources can get managed and hosted through multiple different models. 

It can be a hosted private cloud delivered through a third-party in an off-site datacenter, over a client’s own premises. While using some of their own IT resources, or deployed on a cloud client’s own premises while using some of their own IT resources, or deployed on a cloud provider’s infrastructure. Private Clouds assure virtualization technology to pool physical hardware resources into isolated user access. 

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Private Cloud Hosting Plans


13000 Rs /month
  • Processor 2X10 Core
  • RAM 32 GB DDR3
  • SSD 2X480 GB
  • RAID 1
  • Support 24x7


17500 Rs /month
  • Processor 2X10 Core
  • RAM 32 GB DDR4
  • SSD 2X480 GB
  • RAID 1
  • Support 24x7


23000 Rs /month
  • Processor 2X8 Core
  • RAM 32 GB DDR4
  • SSD 2X480 GB
  • RAID 1
  • Support 24x7


25000 Rs /month
  • Processor 2X10 Core
  • RAM 32 GB DDR4
  • SSD 2X480 GB
  • RAID 1
  • Support 24x7

Technical Specifications Of Private Cloud


The private cloud is designed to scale resources up or down dynamically based on demand. This scalability assures that the infrastructure can handle varying workloads effectively without compromising performance. 


Virtualization technology is fundamental in private clouds, allowing for the creation of virtual instances of servers, storage and networking resources. This assures efficient resource utilization, flexibility and isolation between different applications or users. 


Private clouds assure to prioritize security for protecting sensitive data and maintain compliance standards. This involves features like encryption, access controls, network segmentation, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and regular security audits. 

High Availability

The private cloud is designed for high availability to minimize downtime and assure continuous operation of critical services. This includes redundancy at various levels, involving hardware, networking and data storage, along with automated failover mechanisms. 

Resource Management

Efficient resource management solutions are required to optimize resource consumption and limit expenses in a private cloud environment. This includes capabilities such as resource monitoring, performance tweaking, workload balancing, and capacity planning.

Automation & Orchestration

Automation and orchestration solutions enable deployment. Along with provisioning, and management of private cloud resources. This consists of automatically provisioning virtual machines, storage, and network configurations. Along with orchestrating complex workflows and application deployments. 

Private Cloud Functionalities and Performance


As private clouds are located in privately hosted environments, users get more control over their data, applications and overall infrastructure, and benefit through on-demand resources.


Since a private cloud is designed for a specific organization while using its own dedicated hardware. It allows for a high level of customization without the restrictions of the public cloud.


Private Cloud Computing is helpful to lower total cost of ownership versus a public cloud setup, that bases costs dependent on cloud service’s usage. This means as workloads and overall consumption grows, so do costs.


A Private cloud infrastructure allows for much more control over security as servers and databases are not shared with other users. This approach enables organizations to set their own security protocols and have better safeguard against breaches.


Within an era of data privacy laws like the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and with sensitive healthcare and financial data that cannot travel borders, compliance is king.

Flexibility and Agility

In Spite of being on-premises or hosted through a third-party provider, private clouds provide flexibility and agility in resource provisioning and management.

Kennies DC: Empowering Your Business with Private Cloud

A private cloud is recommendable simply because it offers the same levels of security and control as an on-premises IT-setup but also assures peace of mind. That the access is completely limited to authorized users only. This can appeal to businesses with sensitive data like banking and finance, government, healthcare, and any business that requires compliance with data privacy or regulatory needs. 

Private clouds get deployed during a firewall, enhancing network efficiency and delivering superior performance. A Private cloud infrastructure also provides more predictable performance for workloads as opposed to the public cloud, as it doesn’t share bandwidth or use the same hardware. The metered, uncertain monthly usage and storage costs of the public cloud do not come into play within this scenario. Inspite, monthly costs are the same regardless of how multiple workloads get in operation, or how much data gets transferred. 

Benefits of a Private Cloud

A Private cloud allows for higher levels of customization and delivers better long-term savings over unpredictable monthly billing costs. Organizations can alleviate capital expenditure in hardware while using a hosting private cloud service. Wherein equipment uses mirrors that of a leasing model while using the latest technologies. 

Data Protection and Compliance: One of the primary benefits of a private cloud is its heightened security and compliance capabilities. 

Personalization and Control: Private clouds assist organizations with greater customization and control over their infrastructure in comparison to public cloud services. 

Efficient Performance and Reliability: Private Clouds assures with superior performance and reliability in comparison to public cloud alternatives, specifically for mission-critical applications and workloads. 

Scalability: This assures quicker new applications and services, along with greater responsiveness to expanding business needs and market dynamics. 

Why choose Kennies Data Center for a Private Cloud?

Tailor-made Solutions

We recognize that each organization has distinct demands and preferences. That is why we provide personalized private cloud hosting solutions for your specific requirements. Even if you need specific hardware configurations, networking setups, compliance needs, or performance optimizations, our expert team would work closely with you to design a solution that meets your exact business needs.

High Availability and Redundancy

Kennies Data Center's private cloud hosting infrastructure is designed to be highly available and redundant, guaranteeing that your key workloads and applications run continuously. We minimize downtime and the danger of data loss by using redundant network connections, power sources, and storage systems, as well as automated failover procedures, giving you peace of mind and reliability.

Business Expansion

ur Private cloud hosting solutions are made to scale impeccably as your business grows. Even if you need to rapidly provision additional resources to meet enhanced demand or dynamically adjust your infrastructure to accommodate the changing needs. Kennies Data Center provides flexibility and scalability you require to stay agile and competitive in today’s accelerating business world.

Technical Support

With the accelerating business expansion, businesses assure getting 24/7 tech support through our skilled experts. So, you need not worry about anything. Since our tech tech is round the clock available to help you whenever required. Furthermore, this is one of the most feasible aspects of connecting with a data center that it assures providing tech support.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While assisting our infrastructure and expertise, you get significant cost savings in comparison to maintain and manage an on-premises data center, without compromising on quality and reliability.

24/7 Support

With the best-in-class Private Cloud Services, you need not worry about anything. Since we assure businesses with 24/7 tech support whenever required. So, this comes out to be a beneficiary aspect that you are assured with round the clock support.

What Our Client Says?

I have been searching out for the best Private Cloud Hosting Services. And, to my luck, I came across Kennies. The data center is assured with incredible cloud solutions that help to boost your business at a great level.

Pankaj Soni

Transitioning to Kennies Data Center’s private cloud solution is a game-changer for businesses. The level of scalability and flexibility it provides exceeds our expectations.

Shitvik Bhalla

I feel glad to connect with Kennies for the best Private Cloud. They not only help businesses to succeed but also assure business profitability. They have offered the best cloud solution i.e. Private Cloud to keep our business safe and secure.

Rythay Bakshi

Private Cloud FAQs

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud is a computing environment that is dedicated only to a business. Along with providing secure and customized infrastructure resources such as virtual servers, storage, and networking.

How does a Private cloud differ from a public cloud?

Private cloud is dedicated exclusively to a single organization. This assures greater control, security and customization options while making private clouds ideal for companies with strict security needs.

What security measures are in place to protect data within a private cloud?

Private clouds assist a range of security measures to protect sensitive data involving encryption, access controls, network segmentation, intrusion detection, physical security measures, regular security audits and compliance with industry standards and regulations.

What security measures are in place to protect data within a private cloud?

Private clouds assist a range of security measures to protect sensitive data involving encryption, access controls, network segmentation, intrusion detection, physical security measures, regular security audits and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
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