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If you are running a risky business and desire to get your server customized as per your business requirements. Then, Private Cage Server Colocation is the best solution for your business. Kennies colocation is the best fit for your business that requires a flexible solution but wishes to acquire complete control over its environment. 

Kennies Colocation Cages provides everything customized as per your business requirements. Cage Space Colocation is a secure as well as effective way to allow you to house an entire space within our infrastructure, benefitting your business while saving over the costs to house and maintain in-house servers. 

The connectivity options, along with additional features packed into our services, are maintained into an exquisite data center experience, wherein you can have an environment that aligns with your objectives. Why go through the trouble of developing an on-premises data center when we let you have everything in one place? 

Securing your business data is a key priority during this modern era. Private Cage Colocation not only provides the highest level of physical security but also takes care of additional features like uninterrupted power supply, individual rack cooling as well as compliance with the standard prevalent within your industry. 

When you select Kennies as your Colocation partner, all these aspects get managed through our professional tech support team so that you can focus on what matters the most while running your business in a frictionless aspect. When you choose Kennies as your colocation partner, all these aspects get managed through the team of experts. 

Kennies is packed with the entire gamut of coveted features- N+1 Redundancy, custom configuration, and scalable layouts. Our services help you to grow faster than you would have ever imagined. So, this is one of the best solutions is you desire to run your business in a hassle-free manner with cage colocation. 

Private Cage Server Colocation Plans

Boost your business by acquiring the incredible benefits of a Cage Server Colocation.


5000 Rs /month
  • 1 U Server Unit Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


10000 Rs /month
  • 5 U Server Unit Space
  • 200 GB Data Transfer
  • 4 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


15000 Rs /month
  • 10 U Server Unit Space
  • 300 GB Data Transfer
  • 6 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


20000 Rs /month
  • 15 U Server Unit Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • 10 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7

Technical Specifications Of Private Cage Colo Services

Physical Security

Kennies Cage Colocation consists of biometric access controls, CCTV Surveillance and security personnel for 24/7 safety and security of cage housing the servers. Physical Security measures are necessary to protect unauthorized access and assure the safety of equipments stored within the cage.

Power Redundancy

Kennies Private Cage Server Colocation assures N+1 redundancy. Power redundancy assures continuous operation of servers during power outages or failures. The specification includes multiple power sources, like dual power feed through separate grids and uninterruptible power supplies for maintaining uptime and prevent data or service interruptions.

Cooling Systems

Efficient cooling systems are necessary to maintain optimal operating conditions for servers and protect overheating. Kennies Cage Colo involves redundant cooling units, precision air conditioning, and environmental monitoring to regulate temperature and humidity levels within the cage, assuring reliable performance and lifespan of equipment.


Get high-speed reliable network connectivity since it is necessary for impeccable data transfer and access to hosted applications or services. Specifications include multiple network carriers with diverse entry points, redundant networking equipment, and high-capacity bandwidth options to meet the demands of the data-intensive applications and assure connectivity resilience.


Scalability allows for flexible expansion or modification of colocation services for accommodating dynamic business requirements or growth requirements. This includes options for additional rack space, power capacity upgrades, or connectivity enhancements, enabling businesses to scale their IT infrastructure flawlessly without disruptions or expensive migrations.

Remote Hands Support

Remote Hands Support assures with on-demand assistance for routine maintenance, troubleshooting, or physical tasks within colocation facility. Cage Colo involves 24/7 availability of technical support, SLA-backed response times, and capabilities for remote server reboots, hardware replacement, or visual inspections, enabling clients to manage their infrastructure efficiently and address issues promptly without requiring to be on-site.

Features of Private Cage Server Colocation

Benefits of Private Cage Server Colocation

Unlock security and scalability: Private Cage Colocation provides a robust solution for businesses looking out to outsource their data center needs. Kennies creates safe and secure colocation cages for businesses around multiple sectors. These cages get designed to provide dedicated space within a data center environment, offering multiple benefits to businesses. 

Maintaining Temperature: Efficient cooling systems are necessary to maintain optimal operating conditions for servers and protect overheating. Kennies Cage Colo involves redundant cooling units, precision air conditioning, and regulating temperature and humidity levels in the cage, assuring reliable performance and lifespan of equipment. 

Interconnection: Kennies Cage Server Colo is interconnected with networks, clouds and IT Service Providers to serve next-gen computing needs. Integrate and securely scale your business while connecting your network, applications and data through interconnection. Acquire flawless communication and enhance network performance and connectivity. 

Cost Efficiency: Cage Server Colo reduces the need for businesses to invest in constructing and maintaining their own data center facilities. The cost-effective model allows businesses to allocate resources more strategically while focusing on core operations and innovation rather than infrastructure management. 

Flexibility: Cage Server Colocation provides businesses with the flexibility to scale their infrastructure as required without the constraints of physical space limitations. With feasible options for additional rack space, power upgrades, and connectivity enhancements easily available, businesses adapt IT Resources immediately. 

Expert Support: Private Cage Server Colocation Services involves access to experienced technical personnel who guides with server deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting. With 24/7 support available, businesses rely on skilled professionals to address issues immediately, while minimizing downtime and optimizing server performance effectively. 

What Our Client Says?

I have been looking out for one of the best cage colo service provider and landed over Kennies. I have never been this satisfied while shaking hands with Kennies since they assure with most secured cage server colocation. As I am a Fintech business owner.

Prashant Dubey

I wanted wide range of solutions customized specifically for cage colocation services and Kennies helped me with each and everything. Through their guidance, I have got the most suitable solution for running my high-risk forex business.

Arvind Rathore

Since I wanted a trustworthy data center service provider, so I came across Kennies. They are one of the best cage server colocation service provider. While assuring business security, reliability and scalability.

Rishabh Thakur

Private Cage Colocation FAQs

How safe are Data Centers in Mohali (Punjab) and Ghaziabad (Delhi NCR)?

Kennies Data Center prioritize business security. Assuring multiple layers of protection with seamless data protection. Including physical security, access controls, surveillance systems and fire detection and supression systems. Regular audits and compliance checks assure adherence to industry standards.

What is the power supply of Kennies Data Center?

Kennies Data Center acquires 3MW power efficiency. Our data center is the first data center in Ghaziabad providing 3MW power supply.

Why should high-risk businesses opt for Cage Server Colocation?

Since high-risk businesses like Fintech, Payment Gateway, Forex, Gambling, Gaming , Banking and many more industries have chances of unauthroized access. So, they must choose Cage Server Colocation as it is multi-protected. Also, cage colo assures safety and security of businesses.

Do you offer remote hands service?

Yes, ofcourse we do. If you seek remote hands service with your package, then get in touch with our tech experts at

What type of support does you Cage Server Colocation service provides?

We offer complimentary tech support with all our plans. Also, we assure customizing each and everything as per your business requirements. That is one of the best facts when you connect with us. Our tech support team is available round the clock to assure you with the best services.

How will Cage Server Colocation benefit my business?

Talking about Cage Server Colocation, it is a data center in a data center. Confused, do not worry. We will help you while letting you know with what cage colo means. Cage as the word says is a “cage” wherein multiple servers are of a single owner and it is a separate rack securing high-risk businesses.

What is the cost of Cage Colocation Server?

The pricing turns out to be a bit expensive however it depends on the type of business that you run and your business requirement. We assure your business security. Your money would be worth spending at Kennies for Cage Colocation services.
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