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Are you looking to achieve the perfect balance of flexibility, security, and performance? Let’s explore our hybrid cloud solutions. At Kennies, our cloud services enable you to integrate and handle your workloads seamlessly.

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A hybrid Cloud is a computing platform developed through both private and public cloud components. A Public cloud comes to mind while talking about cloud computing: storage and compute resources offered through a vendor to customers who pay on a metered basis and need not worry about provisioning and managing the underlying infrastructure.

A hybrid cloud lets organizations that benefit through both public and private clouds while mitigating the respective disadvantages. For instance, an organization sets up a private cloud infrastructure in its own data center, but offload some compute cycles to a public cloud in spite of paying to beef up their in-house server hardware to handle occasional high computing loads. 

A Hybrid Cloud is a logical construct that develops an operational connection between a private cloud and public cloud. The private cloud is developed and operated through the individual business and intended solely for the benefit of the business. It is implemented in the local data center or provided like a third-party service. 

A hybrid cloud exists when a relationship is established between public and private cloud to develop a single, ubiquitous, logical cloud entity. Hybrid Clouds are challenging to develop and maintain. Enterprises get no direct control over the public cloud, so they need to architect a private cloud to get compatible with the intended public cloud or multiple clouds. 

Hybrid Cloud Management is required to control applications and infrastructure efficiently through orchestration, lifecycle management and customer support. Implementing a hybrid cloud is a stepwise journey wherein multiple infrastructure combinations would get used based on each unique CSP Situation.

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Technical Specifications of Hybrid Cloud

Seamless Integration

Hybrid Cloud Solutions ensure to support impeccable integration between on-premises infrastructure and public cloud environments. This involves compatibility with multiple APIs, data formats and protocols.


Ability to dynamically scale resources up or down based on demand, assuring optimal performance and cost efficiency. This involves automated load balancing and resource allocation. 


To ensure data security, grab end-to-end encryption for data that is in transit and at rest within the hybrid cloud environment. The company is able to easily handle regulatory compliance in both public and private cloud environments (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA). 

Network Connectivity

Hybrid Cloud assures with high-performance networking. Along with low-latency, high-bandwidth connections between private and public cloud environments. This includes technologies like VPNs, Direct Connect or ExpressRoute. 

Workload Portability

Support for containerization and microservices architectures (eg: Kubernetes, Docker) for enabling easy migration and deployment of applications across different cloud environments. 

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Hybrid Cloud Solutions provide robust backup and recovery options that safeguard data across both private and public clouds. This involves automated backups, snapshot capabilities, and long-term storage options. 

Unique features of Cloud Hosting

Maximum Uptime

Kennies Hybrid Cloud assures 99.995% uptime. You need not worry about your business security and reliability when you land over here. Make sure that you shake hands with us for getting the maximum uptime and transform your business.


Get automatic scaling and resource allocation based on real-time demand, assuring optimal performance without overprovisioning. This is effectively helpful in managing costs while only using important resources.

Unified Cloud Management

Kennies is a unified cloud management platform that assists visibility and control over both private and public cloud resources. This involves managing workloads, monitoring performance and automating tasks through a single interface.


Implementation of redundant systems and automatic failover mechanisms to assure continuous availability and minimize downtime. This involves using multiple availability zones and regions within the public cloud.

Data Mobility

Effective data synchronization between private and public clouds, assuring that your data is always updated and accessible wherever required. This involves real-time replication and bi-directional data flow.

Interoperable APIs

Utilization of standard APIs and services that provide impeccable integration and interoperability between different cloud environments, allowing applications to function smoothly around hybrid platforms.

Benefits of a Cloud Hosting in India

Smooth Resource Utilization: Hybrid Cloud assures impeccable scaling of resources around private and public environments based on demand. 

Robust Security: It assists enhanced security measures and compliance capabilities while leveraging both on-premises and cloud security frameworks. 

Cost-effective Operations: While optimizing workload distribution, hybrid cloud solutions are effectively helpful to reduce costs while maintaining high performance.

Disaster Recovery: Hybrid Cloud offers resilient disaster recovery options with data backup and failover systems across various locations. 

Why choose Kennies for the best Hybrid Cloud Services?

Robust Infrastructure

Kennies ensure robust infrastructure for enhancing your business at a great level. While multiplying all your profits at an accelerated rate. Kennies assures with unique infrastructure for optimal performance and reliability.

Data Encryption

One of the most important aspects of Hybrid Cloud is keeping your business safe and secure. So, Kennies assures Data Encryption for your business protection. You need not worry about anything.

Customized Solution

In the thrilling world of cloud, running your business as per your tailor-made needs is necessary. Personalized solutions through Kennies meet your unique business requirement.

Network Bandwidth

Kennies assures high-speed network bandwidth no matter what kind of high-risk business you run. High network bandwidth through Kennies assures excellent performance and quick data transfer.

24/7/365 Tech Support

The utmost necessity of running your business in a risky world is its tech support anytime, anywhere. So, Kennies offers 24/7/365 tech support for ensuring continuous assistance and minimizing downtime.

Geographical Redundancy

Kennies assists geographical redundancy for keeping your business running in the right direction. If you are getting services from a nearby location, if you face any issues, you can easily connect with them.

What Our Client Says?

Ever since I started my high risk business, I have been worried about its security. I am too glad to connect with Kennies for the best Hybrid Cloud Services. I highly recommend it!

Khushboo Gupta

I have been looking for a shift for my business since I am too much concerned about the business security. So, to my surprise, I landed at Kennies. Trust me, I have never looked back and my business sales have multiplied to 10X. If you are someone looking for Hybrid Cloud then ensure to connect with them.

Shanvik Singh

I had searched a lot for the best Hybrid Cloud Services and came across Kennies. I am more than happy to shake hands with them.

Rohitesh Das

Hybrid Cloud FAQs

What benefits can hybrid cloud hosting offer my company?

Flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and improved disaster recovery capabilities are all offered by hybrid cloud hosting. It permits you to select the best environment for each workload, accelerating performance and cost.

Can I maintain control on my data and applications with Hybrid Cloud Hosting?

Security is one of the most important factors in hybrid cloud hosting. To secure data and applications, providers use various security methods, involving access restrictions, encryption, and compliance certifications.

Can I easily scale my infrastructure in a hybrid cloud setup?

Yes, you can scale up or down to transform business demands, even while adding additional on-premises servers or acquiring access to more cloud resources, with our hybrid cloud hosting.

How can I select the best Hybrid Cloud Hosting provider for my business?

Ensure taking into account the Kennies Cloud’s goodwill, pricing structure, compliance capabilities, and service offers. It is necessary to match the provider’s products to your unique organization needs.
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