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Server Cabinet Colocation – Designed to secure your digital fortess

Get a secure and controlled environment to home your house servers, networking equipment, and other hardware with kennies’s server cabinet colocation services.

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Colocation Enclosures are flexible and innovative enclosures for network connectivity, internet, and application service providers offering their clients complete security and protection of their valuable network equipment in host locations. 

Businesses can efficiently utilize space with our data center cabinets. Available in multiple depths, from 36” to 42”, these closed cabinets feature a “4 post” configuration with front and rear pairs of posts. Select from half or full-cabinet options to suit your requirements exclusively with Kennies.

Cabinet Colocation (also known as “Colo”) assures you of renting reliable space for your servers and other computing hardware with our data center facility. Typically, colocation services include the building in which everything is housed, as well as networking, physical security, redundant power, and redundant cooling requirements, that would support the servers and storage provided through the customer. 

One of the most important aspects of the data center is security, and cabinet colocation allows better security levels than a standalone server. However, the data is secure from outside mishappening with the additional layers of security both from software as well as physical, with the manpower deployed essentially for the safety of the server location.

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Cabinet Colocation allows for placing your own customized rig of hardware into the data center while freeing up your resources through the significant inputs needed to maintain the ideal conditions for the server like temperature levels, connectivity certainty, hazard fail-safes like dry pipe fire suppression, power supply maintenance, grid voltage regulation, and multiple more equally necessary factors. 

Colocation Server Cabinets Plans


5000 Rs /month
  • 1 U Server Unit Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


10000 Rs /month
  • 5 U Server Unit Space
  • 200 GB Data Transfer
  • 4 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


15000 Rs /month
  • 10 U Server Unit Space
  • 300 GB Data Transfer
  • 6 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


20000 Rs /month
  • 15 U Server Unit Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • 10 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7

Features of Cage Server Colocation

Benefits of a Cage Server Colocation

Reliability: Colocation Cabinets provide server cooling systems, power, and communication systems that assure constant connection. Data Centers assure with greater protection from power outages because of the multiple data backups in place. 

Organized Servers: It is necessary to maintain organization when it comes to your servers, not only for aesthetics but also for safety purposes. Organized servers are helpful to prevent any mishappening both in colocation and in your own data center that leads to damage. 

Monitoring and Management: While utilizing server cabinets and racks, it is easy to maintain the equipment of your machines. For instance, cabinets that allow you to move equipment in and out make your servers easily accessible and easy for maintenance and management. 

Efficient Security: Quality Server Cabinets are effectively helpful to keep your servers safe & secure. This is necessary when you use a colocation cabinet. The top server cabinets are designed with panels & doors that lock to keep unauthorized people from accessing your equipment. 

Customization: It is best to choose high-quality cabinet colocation since they offer customization features within your cabinet. Customizable cabinets are beneficial even if you opt for a colo cabinet or full colo cabinet. Kennies assures that your cabinet is under control. 

Risk Management: Kennies colo cabinets assure you to get rid of data breaches and natural disasters. However, when your critical equipment operates at an off-site data center, there are security and backups in place to continue operations. 

What Our Client Says?

Switching to Cabinet Colocation with Kennies turned out to be a game-changer for our business. The robust security measures ensure our data is safe, while the redundant power and connectivity keep us online round the clock.

Rashmita Sinah

The expert team support helps to address and resolve concerns immediately. We have been utilizing Cabinet colocation from kennies for a long and we couldn’t be happier. The temperature and humidity controls keep our hardware running.

Agman Singh

Kennies is surely a reliable and cost-effective solution. We have made the best decision while partnering with them. They have provided secure colo cabinets to run our high-risk businesses.

Kishore Kumar

Colocation Server Cabinets FAQs

What is the benefit of 42U Cabinet Colocation?

42U Cabinet Colocation provides room to grow, and assures security since it is a separate rack space available with doors and locks. Better server performance Compatible with Equipment through multiple vendors Makes maintenance easy

Do you provide half rack colocation hosting server?

Yes, of course, we do provide 21U i.e. half rack colocation hosting services to every type of business owner.

Do you have tech support available all the time?

Yes, we do have the availability of tech experts assisting 24/7/365 to all our clients as and when they need us.

Are there any hidden charges for Colocation Cabinets?

No, there are no hidden costs for colocation cabinets or any kind of service with kennies.

Do you customize cabinet colocation services?

Yes, we customize cabinet colocation services as per business needs and requirements.

How to get started with Colocation Cabinets?

If you are searching for the most secure colo cabinets then be sure to shake hands with Kennies. We assure businesses of reliability, security, and trustworthiness for colo cabinets. Contact us immediately to get started.
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