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By advanced technology of Tally On Cloud Hosting, you can access your Tally account securely from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, regardless of the operating system. Experience unparalleled security, stability, privacy, and reliability with Kennise Cloud services.

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Are you trying to find easy access, at any time and from any place to your accounting details? Then run the well-known Tally Software on cloud hosting. Tally Cloud services is revolutionizing the field of business management. Our Tally Cloud Hosting helps businesses develop and streamline operations with unwavering flexibility, scalability, and consistency. 

Discover Tally Cloud hosting potential and use it as a means to achieve flawless business operations in the digital age. Enjoy the constant ease of having access to your Tally Software from any location at any time with only an internet connection. Grasp the flexibility of cloud-based solutions that are tailored to your needs. 

With Tally on Cloud, your company has consistent scalability that allows it to easily adjust to your growth strategy without sacrificing performance. Leverage the power of multi-tenancy support to manage several entities under one roof effortlessly. Integrate your Tally Software workflows over the Cloud in a seamless manner. 

With Tally cloud hosting comprehensive audit trails and automated workflows, you can ensure compliance readiness and support regulatory adherence at every stage. Personalized dashboards that are designed to highlight important indicators and promote well-informed decision-making can provide insightful information. Increase mobile accessibility to make it easier for your team to communicate. 

With Tally on Cloud, you can take your company to new heights where innovation and dependability impact and success know no limits. Join the innumerable companies across the globe that have embraced the accounting and management solutions of the future. As it guides you towards efficiency, growth, and prosperity, increases productivity, and elevates team communication through real-time access and data synchronization, let Tally on Cloud hosting be your progress partner.

Tally On Cloud Hosting Plans


  • 1 to 8 Users
  • Secure Shared Resource on
  • Free Tally Data Backup
  • 10 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 25 GB Data Storage
  • Shared Server 64 GB RAM
  • Restrict Access from with VPN
  • Windows Server 2016 R2 Operating System


  • 5 User Teams
  • 2 Core CPU
  • Free Tally Data Backup
  • 100 GB Storage
  • 1 Dedicated IP Address
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Restrict Access from with VPN
  • Windows Server 2016 R2 Operating System


  • 16 to 30 User Teams
  • 8 Core CPU
  • Free Tally Data Backup
  • 200 GB Storage
  • 1 Dedicated IP Address
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • 48 GB RAM
  • Restrict Access from with VPN
  • Windows Server 2016 R2 Operating System


  • Larger Teams
  • Custom CPU
  • Free Tally Data Backup
  • Custom Storage
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Custom RAM
  • Restrict Access from with VPN
  • Windows Server 2016 R2 Operating System

How to backup Tally data in Cloud?

The importance of backing up Tally Data in Cloud cannot get overstated. Every financial entry, transaction, or report recorded in Tally erp software holds necessary information that is needed for auditing, decision-making, or legal compliance. While acquiring a reliable cloud backup of your Tally erp software data, assure that you acquire an accessible and accurate record of your financial history, even during unforeseen events or technical failures. 

In today’s digital landscape, wherein data is the lifeblood of businesses, persuading the safety and security of necessary information is paramount. Being a Tally cloud user, you understand the necessity of maintaining accurate financial records and reports. However, have you ever thought about what would happen if your Tally data were to be lost or compromised? This is where the necessity of backing up your Tally data on the cloud comes into the picture. 

With online Tally Data on Cloud, all of your data gets stored securely in the cloud with automatic Tally data backups, wherein it can be easily managed and accessed anywhere with an internet connection. 

Steps to Backup Tally Data in Cloud:- 

  • Step 1: Choose a reliable cloud storage provider 
  • Step 2: Create a Backup Plan 
  • Step 3: Setup Automatic Backup plans 
  • Step 4: Encrypt Tally Data for added security 

Protect your business’s financial records, assure compliance, and secure your high-risk business. Embrace the power of cloud storage, and let your business cater to great heights. Utilizing Tally Data on Cloud. 

Technical Specifications Of Tally On Cloud Hosting

Host Unlimited Users

With Tally software on Cloud, an infinite number of users can access the tally application, regardless of the number of staff members in your accounts department. Tally on cloud server is a budget-friendly solution for firms with various branches looking out for a centralized tally that gets accessed from any location.

Maximum Uptime

Since our servers are supported by top-notch hosting infrastructure in Tier 3 data centers, there will never be any downtime. You may always access the tally application and the server’s data since Kennies guarantees that your Tally on Cloud Servers will remain 99.9% up and running at all times.

Administrative Rights

Kennies enables companies to efficiently and successfully manage resources and access restrictions for multiple users or renters. Tally on Cloud guarantees safe and optimal performance tailored to each tenant’s needs with clearly specified access rules and data segregation.

Data Encryption

To ensure confidentiality and integrity, all data that is transferred and stored in Tally on Cloud is encrypted using industry-standard encryption techniques. Data protection is vital for business management, so Kennies assures data security to store the Tally Data.

Scalable Storage

Businesses can dynamically assign and grow storage space as needed thanks to Tally on Cloud server is scalable storage choices. Tally uses cloud-based infrastructure to offer customizable, adaptable storage solutions to meet changing needs and increasing workloads.

Compliance Readiness

Kennies helps businesses feel secure about data security and privacy by being built to comply with industry standards and regulations. Tally on Cloud offers transparency and assurance with real-time monitoring and audit trails, freeing up organizations to concentrate on their core competencies.

Features of Tally On Cloud Hosting

What Our Client Says?

Tally on Cloud has transformed the way we manage our business. The remote accessibility and scalability have allowed us to boost our operations impeccably, and the support team has been extraordinary in addressing our requirements.

Akshya verma

We have been using Tally on Cloud for years and it’s been instrumental in driving our business expansion. The security features and automatic updates provide us peace of mind, knowing our data is safe and up-to-date.

Shridhar Palam

Tally on Cloud has streamlined our business processes and boosted collaboration around our teams. The customizable dashboards and integration capabilities empower us to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Dheeraj Rathore

Tally On Cloud Hosting FAQs

What is Tally on Cloud?

Moving Tally to the Cloud would be beneficial for your organization. With Tally on Cloud, you can eliminate maintenance problems from your tally application. All of your data is protected for recognition on the virtual platform Tally on Cloud.

How are disaster recovery and data backup handled in Tally on Cloud?

Data backup and disaster recovery in Tally on Cloud are managed by KenniesIT. To guarantee data availability and integrity, regular automatic backups of all tally data on cloud are carried out. Strong disaster recovery procedures are also in place to lessen the effects of any unplanned occurrences or interruptions.

Is there a way to combine Tally on Cloud with current software systems?

Yes, Tally on Cloud is made to flawlessly interface with a wide variety of commercial software programs already in use. Tally on Cloud facilitates seamless data management and workflow optimization by supporting interoperability across accounting applications, CRM platforms, and inventory management systems.

In what ways does Tally on Cloud ensure adherence to industry rules and guidelines?

Tally on Cloud ensures adherence to strict security protocols, data protection laws, and regulatory requirements, all while maintaining compliance with industry rules and standards. GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other data protection, privacy, and security laws must be complied with to do this.

What kind of assistance do users of Tally on Cloud offer?

Users of Tally on Cloud have access to a variety of support channels, including email help, live chat, knowledge base articles, FAQs, online documentation, and phone support. In addition, committed support teams are on hand to help users with any questions they may have or technological problems they may have.

Is training needed to use the Tally Server?

When using Tally Server, it helps to be familiar with Tally Software. To fully utilize Tally Server's sophisticated capabilities and operations, however, specialized training is necessary.

What are the advantages of Kennies Tally on Cloud?

There are several advantages to installing Tally software on each local workstation while using Kennies Tally on Cloud. You can have your configuration file and customization with Tally on Cloud. You don't need to worry about anything because Tally on Cloud handles all server and hardware maintenance, administration, and security. Your centralized Tally data is safe and secure from any internal and external data threats thanks to multi-layer protection.
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