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Safeguarding your crucial data with our advanced cloud security solutions

Secure your business crucial information with our top-notch cloud security solutions. We provide complete security measures that shield your data against internal and external threats, ensuring compliance and peace of mind. So, let’s explore our cutting-edge technologies to protect your critical data and applications from all angles.

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In today’s digital era, businesses of all types are enhancing relying on cloud technology to streamline operations, boost scalability, and accelerate overall productivity. While the cloud provides multiple benefits, it represents unique challenges, with one of the most critical being Cloud Security. Since organizations entrust sensitive data and critical processes to the cloud, assuring the safety and integrity of this information is necessary. 

Preparing your business for future success begins with switching through on-premises hardware to the cloud for your computing requirements. The cloud provides you access to more applications, enhances data accessibility, helps your team to collaborate more effectively and assists easier content management. 

Some people acquire reservations about switching to the cloud because of security concerns, however a reliable cloud service provider (CSP) puts your mind at ease and keeps your data safe with highly secure cloud services. Cloud Security is a family of security policies, procedures, tools, and technologies designed for protecting users, sensitive data, apps and infrastructure in cloud computing environments. 

The most comprehensive cloud security solutions span workloads, users and SaaS resources to protect them through data breaches, malware, and other security threats. Cloud Security is a shared responsibility model and risk framework that delineates cybersecurity processes and responsibilities lie with a cloud service provider (CSP) and that lies with the customers.

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Cloud Security Plans

Technical Specifications of Cloud Security

Data Encryption

Effectively use advanced encryption standards for data stored in cloud and TLS/SSL protocols for data getting transferred. Integration with cloud-native or third-party key management systems for controlling encryption keys and managing lifecycle policies. 

Access Management

Kennies assists multi-factor authentication to assure only authorized users gain access to sensitive cloud resources. Defining and enforcing roles and permissions to limit access based on user roles and responsibilities. 

Monitoring & Management

Continuous monitoring of cloud environments with automated alerting for suspicious activities or potential security breaches. Collection and analysis of logs through cloud services for forensic investigations and compliance reporting.

Network Bandwidth

Kennies assures with a high-speed network bandwidth. So, you need not worry about the high speed of your business. Indeed, the more bandwidth a data connection has, the more data it sends and receives at one time.

Disaster Recovery

Kennies assures automated backup and recovery. Along with the implementation of redundancy and failover strategies to assure availability and continuity of services during failures or disasters. 

24/7 Tech Support

While having a highly-competitive marketplace, it is necessary for businesses to get the most reliable cloud security provider. Kennies assures 24/7/365 tech support for high-risk businesses.

Kennies DC: Security your business on Cloud

Ever wondered about how difficult it is to save your huge business files on a desktop. Cloud keeps all your data safe and secure over a protected platform. And, even keep it safe and secured.Since cloud security services are meant to grow with you, you can add or subtract resources as required. Organizations with varying security demands, such as those handling sensitive data or experiencing seasonal traffic spikes, may find this to be of particular use. You may quickly scale up or down a cloud security solution to satisfy your evolving security needs. 

Benefits of Cloud Security

Scalability: One of the major beneficial aspects of cloud security is its scalability. Cloud service providers ensure flexible security solutions. 

Cost-Effectiveness: Cloud Security is economical since it eliminates the requirement for expensive on-premises hardware and maintenance. 

Accessibility: Cloud Security solutions are accessible through anywhere with an internet connection, permitting businesses to monitor and manage their security remotely. 

Ease of Use: Cloud Security Services are easy to set up and use with user-friendly interfaces and automated processes. This makes it easier for your IT team to manage your security and revert to threats.

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What Our Client Says?

I have been crazy while searching for the best Cloud Security provider. And, I landed over Kennies. To my surprise, they ended up being the best cloud security service provider.

Jazz Dhilo

I was eagerly searching for the best Cloud Security service provider. And, I came across Kennies that helped me with highly secured Cloud services. I am happier than ever.

Shridhar Bakshi

While being in a competitive marketplace, every business is concerned for their business safety and so was I. However, I turned out to be lucky enough to shake hands with kennies and they turned out to be the best Cloud Security service provider.

Rohan Mishra

Cloud Hosting FAQs

What is Cloud Security exactly?

Cloud Security is a collection of procedures and technology made to address external and internal threats to business security. Organizations require cloud security since they need to move towards their digital transformation strategy and incorporate cloud-based tools and services as a part of their infrastructure. It also includes incident response planning and testing, disaster recovery strategies, and data backup.
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