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Customizable Server Rack Space Rental Solution Tailored to Meet Your IT Needs

Rent Rack Space and get access to a secure, reliable, and scalable Infrastructure. It helps you optimize your IT costs with top-notch security and 24/7 experts dedicated support.

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Renting private Rack Space is an ideal solution if you seek a secure, shielded area within which you can house your servers. When you rent private rack space, only you can access the enclosed rack in which the servers are located. You get unrestricted access to your private racks around the clock. 

While having administrative access to the servers, you are always within reach, in one of our secure and stable Tier 3 datacenter. The Rental Rack Space is equipped with a high-speed Internet Connection, physical security, and an uninterrupted power supply. The server rack cabinets are dedicated individually for each customer, even if the customer rents server rack space, that is delivered among multiple users. 

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Quarter Rack Colocation: A quarter rack is a section of a full cabinet, consisting of 10U of Space. A quarter rack comes with lock security and is easily accessible through businesses only. Quarter racks are suitable for small-scale businesses with average data management requirements. 

Half-Rack Colocation: A notch above the quarter rack, half-rack colocation provides adequate space for small as well as medium-sized businesses with above-average data management requirements. Like a quarter rack, a half rack ensures to house your servers and other equipment in your private space with locked front and rear doors. 

Full Rack Colocation: Suitable for medium-to-large-sized businesses with demanding requirements, Full Rack Colocation offers a huge amount of space at cost-effective prices. A full rack provides space anywhere between 38 and 42U. Hence, you need to only lease more space if your data demands a spike. Kennies delivers fully-customizable full-rack affordable packages that can get fine-tuned to your requirements.

Rent a Rack Space Plans


5000 Rs /month
  • 1 U Server Unit Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer
  • 2 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


10000 Rs /month
  • 5 U Server Unit Space
  • 200 GB Data Transfer
  • 4 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


15000 Rs /month
  • 10 U Server Unit Space
  • 300 GB Data Transfer
  • 6 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7


20000 Rs /month
  • 15 U Server Unit Space
  • 400 GB Data Transfer
  • 10 IP Addresses
  • Free Set-Up
  • Support 24x7

Features of Rent a Rack Space

Benefits of a Renting a Rack Space

N+1 Redundancy: Since Kennies is a Tier 3 certified data center, we assure businesses with resilience. Every component in the data center has at least one backup component. There is provision for surplus power, cooling, and bandwidth. Assuring your business efficiency with a greater power supply even at downtime. 

Carrier-Neutrality: We are not just tied to one telecommunication and internet service provider. Connecting with multiple service providers not only reduces the overall cost of your colocation service but also lets you enjoy high uptime and premium-quality service. 

24/7/365 Tech Support: We have professionals available within our data center round the clock for implementing an array of support and compliance tasks, so you need not drive down to the data center facility to fix every small issue. While simply connecting with our experts, all your issues will get resolved immediately. 

Multi-Layer Security: Multi-Layered Security of 6-zone is assured through a combination of high-resolution surveillance cameras, fire alarms, biometric access, private cages, and armed manpower. We do not allow anyone without proper credentials to visit our data center. 

SLA-Backed 99.995% Uptime: 99.995% uptime is assured through Kennies in our Service-Level Agreement (SLA) and backed by our resilient infrastructure. Our network operations center (NOC) tracks your server infrastructure every couple of minutes. 

Temperature Control: Maintaining optimal cooling and humidity levels is crucial to the uninterrupted running of your servers. At Kennies, we monitor temperature and humidity proactively, while owing to our dedicated HVAC Systems. 

What Our Client Says?

Selecting Kennies Data Center for renting a rack space turned out to be a game-changer for our business. The seamless scalability, incredible features of N+1 redundancy, 24/7 tech support along with unique benefits of top-notch security, and compliance allowed us to grow our business. Highly recommend!

Rudra Patil

Renting rack space at Kennies has been amazing for our IT Department. The customizable configurations and disaster recovery options boost our resilience. Additionally, their responsive tech support is available round the clock to assist, while assuring our operations run smoothly all the time.

Himansh Dixit

Running a small business and finding a reliable rental Rack Space was a difficulty for us. We chose Kennies Data Center for its competitive pricing and outstanding service. Their flexible bandwidth options allowed us to run our business effectively and efficiently. Renting rack space with kennies is one of the best decisions that we have made!

Dhruv Kaul

Renting a Rack Space FAQs

Do you provide a partial rack rental?

Yes, Kennies offers full and partial rack rental. A full rack means that you rent all U slots in the rack. Kennies assures 42U server rack cabinets. You can select to rent half and quarter racks. The system is completely separate for all partial server rack cabinets.

How can I decide on the Rack Space required for my business?

Different businesses need different rack spaces depending on the amount of rack space you require to keep your physical devices. So, to decide about the rack size, you need to know your business requirements, like several servers you have or the physical equipment you wish to protect. Also, you need to understand that rack size varies in data centers. However, in most of the data centers, rack size is between 21 U and 42 U tall. U is the short form of unit. These rack sizes also come in three different forms- Quarter Rack, Half Rack, and Full Rack. The size of the full rack is between 21U and 42 U. The size of the half rack is 21 U. The size of the quarter rack is 11 U.

Can I colocate my server in Kennies Server racks?

Yes, you can colocate your servers in the rack. For further details and information, feel free to connect with our support team.

Do you offer customized plans for different businesses?

Yes, we provide customized plans that can easily align with businesses of all sizes and types. We acquire data center facilities in Mohali, Punjab, and Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR. Before choosing the colocation rack space at Kennies, ensure to connect with the team of experts and find out which plan would be the most suitable for your business needs. It would allow you to make the right decision while making the most of the colocation rack space you would be renting. It would also help you to grab the best deals to get maximum return on your investment.

Why do I select Kennies Colocation Rack Space?

Kennies assures cost-effective, highly reliable, and offers efficient colocation rack space. From cooling to security, our colocation rack space facility would be equipped with extensive features and services. Kennies offers you tech support experts and round-the-clock managed services so that businesses enjoy a hassle-free and smooth experience. For more detailed information, feel free to connect with our experts who can guide you with the best possible solution as per your business requirements.

Can I visit your data center before choosing any of your colocation plans?

Yes, of course. You can visit our data center and check out the security measures that we apply to keep your data safe and secure with us.
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