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We construct our data centers are built in using the latest technology to safeguard your critical data center. We Guarantee 99.995% uptime and provide 24/7 Technical support to ensure your online safety.

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One of the most important aspects of your business is to keep all the data protected through any mishappening or hacking. That is why safeguarding your business’s data is crucial. A Data Center is a robust infrastructure acquiring multiple servers customized to keep your data safe and secured according to your business needs. 

Hosting an e-commerce website or business application through a hosting provider assures multiple benefits, involving dedicated support, reliable uptime, and lowered expenses since it is necessary to note all of the hosting options are equal. The hosting experience of customers varies depending on the type of data center. The hosting infrastructure is the only factor that has an impact on the performance of your application and the loading times of your website. 

If you are someone looking forward to gaining maximum benefits in Mohali, you need to select the Mohali Best Server Hosting Services Provider that ensures all your business requirements. Kennies designs, builds, and operates a huge network of data centers in Mohali, Noida, and Delhi NCR. Our data centers deliver the utmost reliability, reach, flexible power configurations, and carrier-dense ecosystem for an elevated customer experience. 

Our future-ready, digitalized data center robust infrastructure is developed using an advanced modular design approach that seamlessly scales with business requirements on demand. Through an unmatched data center footprint in Mohali, we bring the possibilities of creating innovative edge solutions for a long-term business profit. Kennies has a 20-rack data center in Mohali and can upgrade up to 40 shortly.

Benefits of Kennies Data Center in Mohali:-

Robust Security : Customers get the safety of their data since robust physical & digital security measures are provided to keep the data secure and protected. Kennies Data Center in Mohali uses an Enterprise-grade security system assuring your data is protected from any unauthorized access. 

Resources Optimisation : While accessing the facility of cloud computing solutions, you can put the workload of your IT-related tasks like computational work and data storage on the service provider. This facility helps save your energy and efforts to focus on the growth of your business. 

Greater Reliability : Our Data Center offers a huge level of reliability & efficiency. Kennies assures redundant power supplies & power generators so that your data is protected through natural power outages. With strict environmental control methods from dust, water, and extreme temperatures. 

Enhanced Productivity : Boost the productivity of your business in multiple aspects like freeing up your office and storing data off-site. First of all, reduce your expenses to a great extent. Also, we assure providing 24/7/365 access to your data at any time you wish. Keeping your data safe and secure. 

Boosted Storage Capacity: Our data centers acquire enough space and resources to store huge amounts of data. You need not worry about the resources, since you can allocate and deallocate them according to your convenience at any time and save your expenses. 

Location Convenience: Location is one of the most important things when considering to opt for a data center. You need to ensure that your area is not prone to natural disasters. Your data center must easily be accessible so that your IT workers can take care of the maintenance and upgrades. 

Technical Specifications Of Our Data Center In Mohali


Kennies is a Tier 3 Data Center offering exceptional reliability and N+1 redundancy in power and cooling systems. They assure continuous operations even during maintenance. Tier 3 facilities ensure a balance of cost-effectiveness and high availability, ideal for businesses. 

99.995% Uptime

Get unrivaled reliability with our Data Center in Mohali assuring you with a remarkable uptime of 99.995%. Experience uninterrupted operations for power, cooling, efficiency, electricity, and network connectivity. Trust in our infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly. 

24/7/365 Support

Count on Kennies for dedicated 24/7/365 support via Chat, Call, and Ticket System to assure round-the-clock assistance, ensuring impeccable operation of your data center services. Get minimum downtime and maximize productivity through our expert assistance at your fingertips. 


Kennies Data Center in Mohali provides layer 1 networking. Assuring reliable physical connectivity. We ensure optimal cable management and minimal signal degradation for boosted performance. We have every type of telecom available with the reachable network. 

Power Supply

Kennies Data Center Mohali is the 1st Data Center providing a 3 MW power supply in Mohali and Ghaziabad. The data center has an availability of 500 rack space assuring businesses with their safety and security of crucial data. 


The level of redundancy differs hugely based on the quality of a data center, in high-tier data centers, multiple redundancies in power and backup servers get built into the infrastructure. Having a backup of your data makes all your tasks easier for your business processes. 

Features of Kennies Data Center Mohali:-

What Our Client Says?

I always had the urge to get my data secured for my business. Hence, I searched and landed over Kennies. So, they proved to be one of the best Data Center in Mohali for safeguarding my business data.

Hardik Dixit

With a lot of business expansion, I thought of keeping the business’s data safe and secured. Hence, I came across Kennies and found the organization helpful in assuring me of the company’s data protection being the best Data Center in Mohali.

Janardhan Jesh

Due to a competitive market, I desire to secure my business for data protection. I have always been eager enough to safeguard my company’s data. So, I thought of connecting with Kennies, Data Center in Mohali to assure my business’s safety and security.

Ritika Dabral
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