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    The rise of critical data has pushed security to be a major concern in cloud computing. Kenniesit addresses the concerns by implementing security-as-a-service (SECaaS) in your organizations. SECaaS is a model on the security of the cloud infrastructure, based on bringing the utmost security to your organization’s cloud data. Kenniesit understands the prevailing security concerns and imparts high-quality cybersecurity through the latest tools, IoT, and automation on subscription. We help your data infrastructure to be as secure as possible and reliable, turning your enterprise scalable, efficient, and transparent to your end-users. 

    Security-As-A-Service(Secaas) Our Solution

    Benefits of Security-As-A-Service(Secaas)

    Benefits of Security-As-A-Service(Secaas)

    Our services emphasize the streamlined management of your SECaaS services. Our security analysts and engineers analyze your business goals and improvise the quality and allocation of resources, ensuring seamless operations and user engagement through our strong security policies, audits, updated threat intelligence, and a centralized dashboard to advance your business productivity.

    Our compliance team with exceptional technical experts deploys the latest technology to eliminate the threats to your business’s IT infrastructure. We exhibit up-to-date security tools to serve you the best in class security services via artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, maintaining a robust data protection framework and cybersecurity landscape.

    We entrust you with our exceptional services at a reasonable price, bringing scalability and competitive advantage to your enterprise. Together with our resource optimization and outsourcing services, we manage your data’s security infrastructure while providing the highest value to your business and associated end users.

    We understand that every company brings differing requirements. To serve diversified purposes, our SECaaS team analyze your need and tailor the solutions to meet your data protection requirements through advanced technology, analytics, IDPS, visualization tools, automation frameworks, and DevOp tools, addressing your specifications and coming up with efficiency.

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