All you need to know about Managed Dedicated Servers

managed dedicated server

Embark walking on a smooth journey where your digital aspirations meet the right match. Imagine a world wherein your website runs effortlessly, handling every visitor with grace, and your applications soar towards new heights of efficient performance. This is the sphere of Managed Dedicated Servers. 

Let’s picturize this: a bustling online store, a dynamic web application, or a growing enterprise database. It is all powered by robustness and reliability of Dedicated Server Hosting. With Managed Dedicated Servers, your online presence is fortified by expert support and maintenance, round-the-clock monitoring, and proactive security measures. 

Uncover the secrets behind unrivaled performance, security and scalability. It’s time to boost your digital presence and unlock your full potential. Continue reading this blog to discover how Managed Dedicated Servers can accelerate your business towards great heights. 

If you are running a high-risk business and lack time to manage your dedicated Server. Then, Managed Dedicated Server is the most preferable solution. In this manner, you can run your business smoothly, using Managed Dedicated Server. A dedicated server helps to run your business operation impeccably. 

Managed Dedicated Hosting offers incredible service quality, technical expertise and customized solutions. This enables you to emphasize your business while we manage your server. Our expert support team would handle all server related activities- initial setup, maintenance, proactive monitoring, and assure providing you as per your requirements. 

Our Managed Dedicated Server Promises to Involve our Expert Support During: 

  • Server Setup 
  • Migration Process
  • Hardening of Server and Security 
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Proactive Management 

What are the Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server?

benefits of managed dedicated server

Depending on whether you have a self-managed or fully-managed dedicated server, managed services provide the following benefits:


Dedicated servers are simple to maintain because they are managed by trained professionals hired by the host.


Managed servers are slightly more secure because they are patched and upgraded on a regular basis.


Managed servers are more convenient than unmanaged servers because they are managed by the host.

Easy Setup 

Managed hosting is easier to set up because there is no installation required. The host will install all of the applications required to keep your servers working.

Unique Offerings of Best Managed Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed by Experts 

The right dedicated server providers acquire a team of experts who empower you to emphasize on your core business in spite of the server issues. You would experience mental peace since your team would handle the virus scanning, software firewall configuration, spam filtering, OS Update, running audits for security, server backup restoration, update patches, performance optimization, and much more. 

High Level Security 

Experience high-end security with Dedicated Server in India. The fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting assures a high level of anti-malware and anti-virus protection that protects your data through unauthorized access along with ransomware, viruses, malware, and other advanced threats. All the Managed Dedicated Servers go through regular scanning and testing. We regularly maintain the database, assist IPS, Web Application Firewall Protection and update the software regularly. 

Powerful Server with Maximum Uptime 

Kennies acquires the best and most well-planned infrastructure. The infrastructure consists of the best servers onboard, with efficient cooling, constant monitoring, and emergency generators. With our Fully Managed Dedicated Server services, you would never face any downtime issues. Instead you experience 99.995% website uptime. 

Highly Secure Tier 3 Data Center 

The right data center deploys all the managed dedicated servers in enterprise-class advanced tier 3 data centers with redundant dual power instances of servers, network connectivity, storage, and power cooling equipment. In this well-established infrastructure, redundancy is applied all over the entire data center for safeguarding data loss. 

Network Bandwidth 

Acquiring a fully managed dedicated server means that there is no sharing of resources and bandwidth. You need not face limited bandwidth difficulties, that means your website would stay responsive round the clock. The unlimited bandwidth means your application gets enough power for handling a lot of tasks easily. 

24/7/365 Tech Support 

Grab the golden opportunity of getting support round the clock. Kennies acquires a highly experienced professional team of experts who would gladly solve your dedicated server issues. 

For whom is Managed Dedicated Server the best choice?   

Managed Dedicated Server Hosting is one of the best fit for those who desire to focus more on business, in spite of digging deeper into technicalities. Along with this, if you don’t have an in-house tech expert or a professional tech team to maintain the server management then this is the best solution. Henceforth, if you are a business with optimum online presence however don’t have funding to hire a hosting professional, you must surely opt for best Managed Dedicated Server. 

The best part about a Managed Dedicated Server is that it is easily customizable as per your business requirements. So, you can get this solution tailored as per your preferences. Without having to worry about the hassle-free tech management of your server. 

Wrapping Up! 

With Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, we have got your back always! We are available all the time to interact as per your preference- by phone, chat or ticket. We are always there available to help you out. Our services would complement our high performance dedicated servers, and we would support you with instant provisioning and maximum control. 

Kennies assures businesses with fully Managed Dedicated Server reliable for your business security. Along with offering the highest level of security, control and performance. Specifically, known for cutting-edge server hardware and a highly reliable tech support team available all the time. So, this solution can transform your business scalability in the best possible aspect. 

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