How Can Server Colocation Enhance Your IT Infrastructure?

server colocation services

Whether you are in a small, medium, or large organization, data is the backbone of every business. In today’s competitive digital landscape, the companies that manage their data successfully are the ones that are thriving. However, there are companies in which securing IT infrastructure has become a challenge. Fortunately, there is a way that has become a beacon of hope through which several businesses are increasing security and performance: Server colocation in professional data centers. According to the survey given by Grand View Research, revenue in the colocation market will rise to 13% each year until 2028. 

Generally, company data was stored on in-house servers and networking equipment. With the rise of cloud storage, several organizations were drawn to off-site solutions. As a result, businesses are no longer interested in dealing with the overhead and maintenance that comes with maintaining clunky servers and data storage infrastructure. 

This is where colocation has worked as the leading solution to this concern. It’s the process of a third party housing privately owned servers and networking equipment in an off-site data center instead of an on-site scenario where servers live within a room or a section of an organization’s building. In simple words, you can understand that instead of using your own on-premises space for your servers, cables, networking devices, and other additional computer equipment, you can rent out space in a data center. 

Here at Kennies IT Data Center, we offer top-notch server colocation services to foster your business and facilitate achieving new heights. We primarily rent you space in our nine-layer secured and scaled data center to home your servers and IT equipment to tailor your business needs. Thus, today, in this blog, we are going to learn how server colocation can enhance your IT infrastructure and become the preferred choice for companies across industries. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Server Colocation – What Does it Mean?

Indeed, data is an integral part of every business, no matter the size. As technology is evolving swiftly, businesses are seeking ways to make their operations streamlined, secure, and reliable. To do so, safeguarding crucial data, information, and servers plays an essential role. Thus, if you are running a business or a startup and do not have your own data center or server room space, colocation is the perfect solution for you. It is a process where a business or organization uses an off-site data center to save its information. 

This information may include storage, networking, and security software. Therefore, when you invest in colocation services, you do not need to spend excessive money and resources storing servers on-premise. Moreover, you also do not need to hold onto expensive hardware that takes up space. It clears up your business so that you have enough room and resources for other hardware and items. 

Additionally, colocation makes it possible to quickly and simply create a backup datacenter or location for the client’s system. However, this model assumes that one must buy their own IT hardware, which can be preferable given the system’s unique requirements pertaining to different internal processes.

Because it requires a substantial initial investment, the colocation service is not as appealing or advantageous as the cloud computing approach. It will, however, be more beneficial than the choice of constructing your own server room or data center.

Benefits of colocation and how it can upgrade your IT infrastructure to the next level

  • Cost-Efficiency and Savings: Data center colocation enables businesses to struggle with increasing online data costs. Organizations can save on initial, large capital investments in hardware, infrastructure, and facility leasing. Sharing costs through colocation allows for higher security, the ability to scale to fulfill demands, and better uptime reliability. 
  • Security and Compliance: When it comes to businesses and consumers, data security is paramount. Companies can leverage colocation data centers to set up multi-layer security control, internal/external CCTV, and on-site staff to safeguard infrastructure. At Kennies, we complement our colocation services with a flexible and cost-effective range of network connectivity solutions.
  • Scalability: On-prem data centers, which are solely limited to physical space and resources, colocation services have the potential to expand or contract to accommodate the changing needs of your organization. It allows you to scale your IT infrastructure instantly and efficiently without incurring the substantial cost and time delays associated with in-house expansion. 

Several colocation providers also provide seamless access to public cloud and private cloud services, allowing you to take leverage of the inherent scalability of the cloud. Thus, scalable hosting grants the freedom to increase bandwidth and storage capacity in tandem with your growth. It means that you do not have to buy expensive hardware. 

  • Reliability and Uptime: One of the significant advantages of colocation is improved reliability. Power outages and loss of network connectivity are major troublemakers to IT operations. In businesses, there are reasons why any downtime could result in the loss of business operations.  Colocation centers are equipped with redundant power supplies, cooling systems, and internet connections to ensure regular operation. High uptime guarantees, often 99.99% or greater, mean your systems remain operational and accessible. 
  • Access to Modern Infrastructure and Support: One of the most vital aspects of colocation services lies in the unparalleled access it offers to state-of-the-art data center infrastructure and technologies. At Kennies, our data center is purpose-built with cutting-edge hardware and advancement equipment, providing a level of performance and reliability that would be challenging to gain through on-premises solutions. 

Moreover, we incorporate the current advancements in hardware, including high-performance servers, storage arrays, and networking switches. By co-locating your IT assets, you can gain access to top-tier equipment without having to make significant capital investments. 

Understanding the Role of Server colocation in Disaster Recovery Planning

Colocation has become a preferred choice for businesses as concerns over cyberattacks and climate change have grown. Many company owners want to achieve IT resilience so their company can continue to run irrespective of disruptions. Internet Data Center defines IT resilience as the ability to safeguard data during planned disruptive events, effectively react to unplanned events, and elevate data-oriented business processes. 

Each organization understands the value and essentiality of disaster recovery plans, and data center colocation ensures that such requirements of businesses are fulfilled. No matter what business you’re operating, as long as it holds all the crucial information to remain safe, you definitely are required to implement a disaster recovery plan. Moreover, instead of establishing your own disaster recovery site at an off-site location or outsourcing your requirements to a service provider, you can opt for data center colocation that provides you with a particular data center wherein you can install your own network, storage, and servers. 

Several organizations are still showing their interest to sign up with disaster recovery services and outsource all their requirements, as it is a more managed option. Thus, with colocation, you are able to control your components, so you act proactively and instantly when a disaster strikes. So, data center colocation service is an economical option, as you will be paying only for the space that is leased to you. 


Certainly, server colocation services can be a valuable strategy for businesses seeking to maximize their IT infrastructure and stay ahead of the competition in today’s evolving landscape. Whether it’s allowing distributed infrastructure, hybrid With multi-cloud or efficiency innovations, businesses are expecting more from colocation providers than ever before. 

Thus, server colocation through Kennies Data Center is an ideal solution to optimize your infrastructure and benefit from state-of-the-art features to easily manage your data. Here, we prioritize uptime and data security, offering the current cooling systems, power redundancy, and robust network connectivity to ensure your servers are set up in a stable environment.

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