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In India’s bustling digital landscape, where businesses prosper and online enterprises expand, reliable web hosting solutions are required. Let’s go deeper into what makes VPS hosting an excellent choice for enterprises and people outside of the Indian market. Furthermore, you deserve a host on whom you can depend. Managed VPS Server Hosting allows you to cater your business online. While taking the burden from your shoulders and providing strong backbone support. Count on our best-in-class VPS server and experience optimal hosting experience. 

Features of VPS Hosting Services India 

Scalable Resources 

VPS Hosting Services provide scalable solutions while allowing businesses to easily adjust server resources like CPU, RAM, and storage based on the evolving requirements. While experiencing sudden spikes in traffic or planning for future growth, users can scale their VPS environment smoothly in a hassle-free manner. 

Robust Security 

VPS Hosting Providers in India aim to prioritize security while providing advanced measures like firewalls, DDoS Protection, and regular security updates. These robust security features are effectively helpful to safeguard websites and data through potential threats, assuring peace of mind for businesses and individuals hosting their online ventures. 

Full Root Access 

With full root access, users get complete control over their virtual server environment. This access enables them to customize server configurations, install custom software, and manage security settings relevant to their specific needs. Full root access empowers users to optimize performance and customize their VPS environment to suit their unique requirements. 

Dedicated IP Address 

Each VPS comes up with its own dedicated IP address. This dedicated IP address assists multiple benefits, involving better email deliveries, boosted SEO performance, and greater control over website access. Businesses develop a distinct online identity and enhance their online visibility in the competitive digital landscape of India. 

SSD Storage

VPS Hosting Providers in India use SSD storage that delivers quick data retrieval and enhanced website loading times, transforming user experience and SEO rankings. 

Managed Support

Multiple VPS Hosting plans provide managed support options, relieving users of server management tasks and assuring reliable performance through proactive monitoring and maintenance. 

Benefits of VPS Hosting Services India 

Efficient Control: With full root access, users get the freedom to customize server configurations, install custom software, and optimize performance based on their specific needs. 

Scalability: VPS Hosting allows businesses to scale resources up or down impeccably, assuring optimal performance during the traffic spikes and cost-efficiency during low demand. 

Reliability: VPS Hosting services in India provide high reliability and uptime guarantees, backed by robust infrastructure and redundant network connections, minimizing the risk of downtime and assuring uninterrupted online presence. 

Location Benefit: Selecting VPS Hosting allows businesses to lead towards a local audience more effectively, thanks to low latency and better performance for users accessing their websites through all over the country. 

Get 24/7 Tech Support: The best VPS Server Provider ensures excellent customer service. Our technical support team is accessible 24/7/365 to assist you whenever necessary. So as to respond to your inquiries. They will guide you to determine which VPS Hosting plan is suitable for you. You can contact them via email, phone, or the ticketing system. 

99.995% Uptime: Grab affordable, high-speed and dependable VPS hosting plans that come up with 99.995% uptime assurance. With our VPS Hosting plans, your website would get no downtime or latency issues. 

Assure High End Security 

Our VPS Hosting plans acquire an intrusion detection system (IDS) and an intrusion prevention system (IPS). That monitors your server for harmful activity and protects it from cyberattacks. We provide DDoS protection for your website through cyber assaults. You can manually set your firewall protocols using the server management panel. 

High Scalability and Compatibility 

Our VPS Hosting plans are scalable and specifically customized and scaled up to meet the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), huge enterprises, students, and various other businesses. The plans involve reliable, low-latency Windows and Linux VPS Servers that are perfectly compatible with multiple system specifications. 

Dedicated IP with Full Root Access 

Among multiple benefits, Kennies assists you with a dedicated IP Address with full root for all our VPS Hosting plans. Secure and dedicated Internet protocols are involved with all of our VPS Hosting plans. All of your scripts run impeccably with a dedicated IP. 


VPS Hosting Services in India assists businesses and individuals with a powerful and flexible solution for hosting their websites and applications. With scalable resources, boosted security, and dedicated support options, VPS hosting empowers users to optimize their online presence while assuring reliable performance and cost-effectiveness. Even if you are a small startup or a huge enterprise, leverage VPS Hosting in India elevates your online ventures to greater heights. Ensure to take the leap today and unlock the full potential of your digital presence with VPS Hosting services customized for the dynamic landscape of India. 

Furthermore, if you are someone who lacks time to manage VPS Server Hosting. Then, ensure to get Managed VPS Hosting. Since the services are managed and handled completely through the host provider. Kennies assures to provide secured Managed VPS Hosting Services. 

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